Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Work wear

So I'm trying to let my man catch me (take a picture) if he is available when I'm coming home from work. At the clinic we have special clothes, but too and home from work I enjoy some nice garments and take great pleasure in combining them with edgy and fun accessories.
I love this Salvatore Ferragamo coat and I think it goes perfect to the light purple Lady Dior bag, the manly loafer from Mango and the knitted beige sweater from IRO. It's simple and elegant, a bit different yet practical.


  1. How are you going to work dear Stina? Walking or by car? As you do not have your car at the moment I think after the accident.
    I like this style on you. Chic, 'intemporelle".
    Hugs. Uta

    1. Dear Uta, Since we moved to a residential area I first walk 8 min to the bus, then change to the subway and then I'm in the city. It normally takes 45min all in all. With car it's impossible, I have no where to park! And yes, our car is completely crashed but we're using my mothers car at the moment!

  2. Snyggt Stina, älskar dina genomtänkta outfits! Vill du hitta mer outfits inspiration kika gärna in på Kram Johanna

  3. with subway...??? cool, when you take it in Chanel and Dior :)

  4. Jepp, my Chanel, Hemrés, Furs, Diors and all use the subway and the bus! Blink

  5. Love the coat. I love the look of these longer "topper" style coats over slim trousers and mannish flats or pointy heels.