Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Akademikliniken - Medical Skin Products

So, Ive promised you all to test and write about the result of Akademikliniken's own line of medical skin products.  You can read about each and every product in Swedish here and English here. They ship all around the world.

A couple of years back, I tried them and wern't that impacted to be honest, but they've got a new very eager chemist and product developer and since some years back, most products has been redone and improved.
I started to use them in May and have been going through each one of them since then. It's extremely important to me that I can stand for products that I recommend and therefor I need to use them myself for a long time to see and feel what they do.
As you know since before, if you've been a long time reader of this blog and especially since the time when I was a busy career women (before my children), measurable results is all i'm looking for when it comes to medical products. I want as perfect skin as I can on me and the patients interested, since the texture and the look of the skin is so important for a overall look.

They need to be safe of course, but they also need to improve the skin on a patient to the extend where we can both feel it but also see it. But with that in mind, it's very important to understand what a product can do for you, or rather, what it wont. It's also important to take into consideration each patient as different and realise that a different age needs different ingredients to function optimal.

No products in this world will take a way wrinkles for example, no matter how much they promise it it's physically impossible. What a really good product can do and should do, is improve the structure of the skin, take away dead skin cells that tends to lay like a layer on the surface and make the impression and the apperance of the skin less attractive and full with a more thick layer. They should keep pimps and reactions away and they should also impact the cellular cycles to the extent that the metabolism under the skin activates and start reproducing new cells much faster which gives the result of a fresher, younger skin.
We're using different strong vitamins, like Retinol and acids, like Glycolic acid, Peptids and Lipids to stimulate and give you the absolute best results in the end. But as with all efficient things in life, all of these stronger products are meant to be used under strict controll and should not be abused. To use them too much will only dehydrate and irritate the skin and then you will not look the absolute best there is for sure. They should also be combined with other, calmer but also powerful creams during the days and some nights to repair and calm the skin after the stronger ones. The Recovery cream is my all time favorite in the morning when I've used stronger products like Repair and Active during the nights. Please respect them and have a medical professions advice on how you should use them for your personal skin type, most people shouldn't use them every night and they are best combined with each other.
These three products (in the picture above) should be the base in every humans bathroom cuborn. They have most ingrediense to really work with your skin in a severe way all week through. They will give you results you can see and feel and after eight weeks of using, I can assure you it will be a change, probably even before that.
But do everyone need to by all products in the Akademikliniken skin product line? Absolutely not. Some products are of course good and nice to have if you can afford them too, but they will not be the main cause if you skip them.

Moisturising products for example is one thing that a young girl or boy surely can use cheaper and not as advanced brands and they will still have good results because of the fact that their skin still function quite well on its own. But the older you get, the more stress (emotional, physical, cellular) you have in your life and the less well you take care of yourself with healthy food, excercise or if you just have bad genes - well, then you need to take a step up in the jungle and get products that gives you an extra hand.

Always remember: Medical products are sold mostly at medical clinics for a reason. Even if some of our line also are sold in luxurious departments stores and online, the strongest ones should always be purchased with a specialist at our clinics.
The Pro-Lipid mask is wonderful as an intense mask when you need moist and perfect after a chemical peeling just as Recovery cream is. The Beauty Through Science (BTS) cream is another pride of the skin line and it's an increasingly amount of peptides and Hyaluronic acid in it to give a clear result of a more well taken cared of skin products form anyone after 30 years old that need something with more visible results.
I use the body cream every day and it's a wonderful body lotion with loots of goodies in the containing, but nothing that gives more or less result then most good pharmaceutical products in general. But for me with dry legs it's just perfect and smells lovely.
My conclusion is: If you should invest your money somewhere, it's in the facial creams!

For the picture underneath i love the cleanser but I also love Jan Marinis with glycol acid to be honest. Problem is that the J.M cleanser is almost to hard to use now when I use the Repair and Active cream so often and then the Pure Radiance cleanser form AK is a better match for my skin type. The eye cream and Lift serum is also very nice, but nothing that everyone needs. A eye cream or serum is perfect when you are very dry or sensitive underneath the eyes which can be a pain when you apply makeup, what it does is to reassure that the skin feels good and is well taken cared of, in the best of cases, relief some of the morning puffiness. But the eye cream will not take away wrinkles or hollowness, for those problems you come to me and I'll fill them with Restylane (Tear Trough) or do some Botox in the muscles causing them, but for the skin structure they can help.
The sun protection though is amazing and I truly recommend it to ANYONE. No pimps, no fat or greasy feeling on the skin and it's 50SPF, which is what we all need!
If you have further questions about products or any sort of medical aesthetic treatments, call Akademikliniken and book an appointment with me or at the web booking system, here.

Talk soon!


  1. Tack Stina! Älskar dessa inlägg!

  2. Tack Stina för tipset om solskyddet!! Många hävdar att spf 30 räcker och det gäller INTE på min hud, trots solskärmar och andra sätt att ytterligare skydda huden. Jag behöver spf 50, men har ofta stora svårigheter att hitta en bra sådan, som återfuktar men utan att bli kladdig. Får acne väldigt lätt av fel produkter. Dessutom är jag allergisk mot en del ämnen som ofta ingår i krämer, trots att de är "allergitestade" som det så vackert heter... Nu ska jag lusläsa innehållsförteckning och hoppas denna kan vara något för mig! TACK!
    Kram fr Bella

  3. could you please write something about the ingredients. silicone is included?where they take the sound studies on allergenic? animal testing? EU standart? thank you!

  4. You are the best representative and public relation for your Clinic Stina. It is very interesting and under the eyes it's difficult, so bravo to make that yourself.
    For you it will be the youthfullness for ever...
    Sorry to be so far away. I will run to you,.

  5. Dear Stina,
    thank you so much for this long and very interesting post!

    I have a question... would you have any recommendation/advice for people who suffer from perioral dermatitis? I have had it for almost a year now and right after the diagnosis, I stopped using all products (as I was told by my dermatologist) and let my skin recover. It did so nicely, but up until now, I cannot use any cream on my face without my skin breaking out in bad rashes. I have tried a lot of different brands, medical cream, pharmacy, over the counter stuff, the result was always the same.
    I lead a healthy life, eat a balanced diet, work out and drink enough.

    Maybe you have some insight or experience with PD? Any input is much appreciated :)

    Thanks & greetings from sunny Zurich

  6. thanx, this is very Informational Post to Read now I am Waiting for your next post
    Medical Equipments