Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fashion live chat with me tomorrow, Thursday at 5pm Swedish time!

The most fashionable brands of Nordiska Kompaniet (Phillip Lim, Kenzo, Isabel Marant etc) has a very inspirational and lovely blog and Instagram account where I'll be part of a live interview tomorrow afternoon. The stores included are NK boutique, NK international designers and NK DVF where you can find most garments any stylish woman need or long for.
They asked me to participate and share thoughts about my style, fashion, autumn wear and my favorite brands -  of course I would love to do that!

Thursday 9th of October at 5pm (Swedish time, check what time that is in your country to participate) I'll be telling you what's fashion to me, how I chose my style and and answer any sort of questions you might have.

How it works: You go into @inkstyle at Instagram and find this picture of me. At 5pm you can start writing your questions in their comment field and I'll sit at home and answer them then and there, one by one! Super fun and I can't wait to help, guide, inspire or just talk about style and a personal fashion sense.

See you there Dear readers! Five'o clock tomorrow that is!


  1. Åh vad kul!

    En fråga gällande Jan Marini som jag vet att du använt länge:
    - Har man c-sesta och bioglycolic bioclear face cream runt ögonen också, eller bara stora partier i ansiktet?
    Om ja - har man ögonkrämen innan eller efter?

    Tusen tack för svar!

    1. Hej, du kan använda alla krämer under ögonen men ibland torkar dem ut där då huden är mycket tunn. Använd hellre ett ögonkräm om så är fallet!

  2. Good luck for this morning you completely deserve to talk in a fasion revue Stina.

  3. Alors ? How it was happening dearest ???

  4. Hello Stina Auer,
    I think you should add live chat software on your blog so you can talk to your website visitors and guide them about fashion.