Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fiat500 - Fiat Cinquecento

As the car lover I am (let's not even talk about my man ...suck) - I'm super thrilled, not to mention excited to share with you that I'm now Fiat500 Cult (Fiat Cinquecento) face in Sweden for two weeks. I'm taking over their Instagram account (@fiatsverige) and will go by car, lent by them wherever I'm going for this amount of time.
You guys will follow me, my daily travel outfits, my excursions and with this I'm part of something called "Fiat500 things to do" (#500thingstodo). A few people all over the world is chosen to do exactly as me, be the face for a time and take their readers around with this car as a travel companion and give tips on what to do in the weekends or on a everyday basis.

The colour I'm driving is a soft, pastel mint green and I'ts just so pretty. White and black interior and super fun to drive. It's a classic car, you'll see it all over the Italian cities and in Europe and It's the car I would totally give myself one day for small city errands or small journeys. Even the kids will fit even though it's not a typical family car. Well, I'm so in love with it and will probably refuse to give it back after these two weeks ...

(my Instagram : stina_auer)


  1. Congratulations! You're the best ambassador they could have found. And the car is really cute.

  2. Keep this little practcle car to drive in town. Very very nice. And fadhion.
    For all family not really but for you alone fantastic.

  3. Love the car!

    One question, where did you get the pants?

  4. There is light eneraude coat at Gucci that you would love which is going with new car!!

  5. Oh yay, congratulations! I'm driving a Fiat 500 C myself, it's perfect for a mother of two and her daily errands. I'm driving a convertible and my kids love to enjoy the sun and sing to the Radio just as I do.

    Enjoy your Fiat! It fits every parking lot

  6. What a great little car, and that color is amazing!

  7. Sweet car, and yes, its super popular in Italy (I live there a lot)
    Most people here drive small cars :)

    Lucky you having it for 2 weeks, enjoy !

  8. Cooo!!!! Please try to find out when they will start selling the 500X in Stockholm! I'd love a 500 but I need more space for bags and the 500X seems perfect. Have rented 500 and 500L lots of times in Europe and I love them, they look great (although it takes a while getting used to the 500L), you sit quite high and they are perfect for narrow streets in small mountain villages. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Anna! Fiat 500X well be available in Sweden in the beginning of next year! Probably January/February. For more info please go to this site: https://500x.fiat500.com/sv-SE/