Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday mood!

So this coat is now a long and faithful friend of mine. It's so perfect, every time I wear it, like today when attending a meeting - someone can't resist to walk up to me and compliment it. I understand the feeling of adornment, it just has something impeccable about it and that's how I felt when I fell in love, no matter the price tag, it needed to be mine in Las Vegas.

Yesterday I combined it with those ultra chic new shades from Hydes and my Celiné! If you think I look a little bit more messy in my hair then normal, it's well spotted and the reason being that one of the sweet skin therapists managed to do a chemical peeling (ENG: Almond peel, SWE: Mandel peel) on me at my work Akademikliniken before I got back home, so the hair was covered in a very fancy (not) medical basket and I have no makeup at all!
That peel is so amazing for the surface of the skin and since we're attending my best friends big birthday party tomorrow and I have day full of education before - I need all help I can to look top notch in the Saturday evening!

Thinking of wearing a pair f new pink heels, we'll see ...


  1. Oh Stina this coat with fringes and this new bag... A dream. I live these colours and even with a peeling without make up you are stunning,
    I also have one coat like this but beige neutral, I feel so well with it. I also like vrty mych the H shaels with big frunges in cashmere.


  2. dear Stina
    I already sent a comment from the I pad but as I am not sure it arrived, I write it again from here...
    I do not remember if you already had this coat but I love these colours on you with this new bag and glasses. In fact they are my prefered colours with black, brown, grey, white etc but I dont relayy like < the colours (apart your red leather trousers)!
    But I can say that since ever I like the fringes (on my coats and particularly them on the Hermes cashmere shawls with long fringes that we can wear over a coat, or vest.
    Anyway you are very courageous to show us your face without make up and with a peeling, it means that you are naturally stunning, pretty and a beautiful person (inside/outside)
    Big Hugs

  3. An excellent combination! Have a nice weekend and party. /Laila

  4. You look great, and this coat and sunglasses are very cool together! Have a superb weekend :-)

  5. You look like a million bucks!

  6. love the jacket! great style you have!