Monday, October 27, 2014

Him and me

I love these pictures. I can sometimes feel guilty of not having all the time to describe my endless love for this little being in the way I had time to do with my oldest. But the motherly relationship and the differences might not me fear, but they're reality, the first child gets much more focus then the younger. The love is the same, the kisses are as true but the alone time me and Alexis had, Leon will never have as much of.

With Alexis I had time to jus indulge in the two of us, lay in the sofa and just admire his eyelashes and write long poems about his remarkable spirit. With Leon I'm mostly happy if I have time to snuggle with him for 20 min alone per day, which actually seldom happens. He is raised in chaos, in a jungle with a older brother who constantly entertain or chase him, use him as a toy … but even though I sometimes feel huge guilt of not being able to give him the tranquility and the focus Alexis got, this is how life is and I'm sure he is purely happy with the environment he's growing up in, simply because it's his and he has never experienced anything different.

A home with a lot going on and two small boys and a dog, It's completely like a freak show and the energy level is just beyond. I've learn to live with it and try to calm them down but in the same time, it is what it is. I feel so grateful when I see them running around in the house, dragging all the toys from their roms out all over, building a house of pillows and blankets or hiding the rest of the sandwich all over the place for Tiger to find … I'm sure I will miss these days when they're teenagers.

(cashmere sweater: Alexander McQueen, pants & boots: Isabel Marant & bag: Louis Vuitton Alma. Leon in a suit form : Lindex and small Uggs.)


  1. Whaou so so so beautiful both of you... Leon is to eat of kisses-
    Stina did make some injections to the inferior lip )under) and on the face, you look different.

  2. So beautiful pictures of you and little "walking" Leon. You look happy and so pretty and I really love your outfit and your hairstyle. Hugs Beatrice

  3. You look beyond beautiful, and Leon is such a stunner! :) It's so true what you said about the first born getting so much undivided attention, that is just the nature of it I suppose. As much as I enjoy all the togetherness with my boys, I also love doing thing individually with both of them, as their interests are so different, that's all we can do :-)

  4. I love the combination on both of you. Your boots are super elegant and your whole outfit looks both stylish and comfortable. I Love comfortable clothes. Also, the handbag is so useful with its long strap, so you can carry it easily on your shoulder. And it doesn't look too tiny for important items, like a wallet, keys and a cell-phone.

    The little gentleman is so ready for both a party or some playtime, I really can't choose:)

    About kids in general, who get different amounts of time with their mom. As long as you are aware of this yourself, I don't see any problem. There are lots of moms out there who, without a doubt, favor their first, or usually the last one, over the others, and the parents don't even see that.

    I'm not a mom, but I know that it is super important to maintain some kind of balance. Give the kids equal amount of love, when ever you can, and try not to worry about the situation in the past. The future is all that matters.

  5. Hi Stina, I really like to read your posts (also this one) and will certainly continue reading it. But I give you a free tip: before publishing your text ,copy paste your text to Word and run through spelling. I am sorry to say this but your English writing is unfortunately so bad you will need it. Your blog is so high quality otherwise it is a shame the language is not at the same level.