Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ice princess

So this is a sneak peak of what I wore to yesterdays absolutely amazing dinner in the most wonderful of company, hosted by Louis Vuitton Stockholm. I felt somehow as a Russian ice princess, but that is not too bad after all. When the obvious color might have been black in this very rainy, cold autumn evening - I went for the completely opposite and had the opportunity to wear these original knee high boots from Isabel Marant in suede/leather and this matchy coat, designed by myself.
Of course I had to wear a Louis Vuitton bag to honor the brand and this neon yellow Alma of mine had to attend yet another party!

More pictures later!


  1. Oh my you look stunning, I can't wait to see the rest.
    Was it their anniversary dinner? I've just been invited the dinner they are hosting over here.

    PS. What lipstick is that? It's a beautiful soft shade.

    1. Thank you! The lipstick is a light beige nyans form Chanel and the lipliner is a light red, very natural from Estee Lauder!

      It was just a dinner to show their appreciation!

  2. Varför klär du dig som om du vore 20 år äldre? Så himla damigt.

    1. Varför svara på engelska? Men jo jag bryr mig eftersom jag följer din blogg och jag tycker om den Stina, du verkar vara en härligt stark och självständig kvinna. Men jag är inget fan av din klädstil, jag har många gånger undrat varför du gör dig själv äldre klädmässigt när du annars förespråkar ett yngre utséende? (Syftar på ditt arbete nu, botox & fillers tex). Ibland känns det som att jag bläddrar i Svensk Damtidning när jag skummar igenom din blogg. Dyrt, damigt och tråkigt. Inte allt, men för det mesta. Ett mode-råd: Det gäller att ha mer smak än pengar. Dvs att mixa dyrt och billigt och på så sätt ge sin outfit en egen personlighet. Kenza tjänar tex mycket MYCKET mer än vad du gör och hon skulle definitivt ha råd att klä sig i svindyra märkeskläder som du, men hon gör inte det så enkelt, utan hon mixar hej vilt och då blir det så mycket mer intressant. Jag tror faktiskt det är orsaken att hon har en så mycket mer bredare läspublik än du. Att köpa svindyra kläder och sen inte ens (ha råd att) behålla dem som en investering utan sälja av dem nästan lika svindyrt i sin säljarblogg (tradera & blocket tar ju avgifter..) för att kunna köpa NYA svindyra outfits för att kunna lägga ut NYA bilder på outfits på sin blogg är bara så trist. Såååå trist.

    2. "Anonymous": I'm always asking myself the same question whenever I stumble over Stinas blog but it's always a question of how you formulate your thoughts; in a polite or disrspectful way!? There's other people who seem to like this style including Stina herself and that's absolutely fine. Everybody is free to choose to wear whatever he or she feels good and comfortable in but having a fashion/lifestyle blog and encountering any critical thoughts in such a way is just as immature as posting a statement as clumsy as yours.

    3. Anonymous: Why I answer in English? It's because this is a blog, 100 percent written lived by in English.

      And thank you for comparing me with Kenza: But I'm almost 14 years older then her, she is and of course she dresses super young and she look absolutely stunning doing so. She is completely sponsored by Iverevel and they are a brand for very young buyers. We're not the same in any way, but maybe If I was 21 years also, I would dress in short skirts, belly sweaters, girlygirly outfits and tractor boots, which suits her marvellous. But I don't dress to look younger, I don't need to be younger, I love my age and feel like my different styles represent my life, feelings, passion here and now. If you don't like it, no worries, fine with me but please don't expect and compare me with someone who is 21 years old and clearly very much a girl.

      I don't think I have a better style then anyone else just because I like and buy certain designers, I mix all the time with high street brand like Zara, nowadays Lindex, H&M, Mango etc. I don't think you've paid much attention actually then and maybe you have already labeled me s "old fashioned" but maybe you need to have a more open mind then that!


  3. Magiskt fint!!!

  4. What a good idea to be in white. Please we want to see under coat, it must be stunning.
    You are right Stina, I was invited for a Chanel defile and a party after and I was in black as everyone!
    Not so original really.
    You absolutely need to buy a "minaudiere" for the evening.
    Hugs beautiful

  5. You look beautiful! That coat is just gorgeous on you, love the fur on it!

    xx Tarand Marie

  6. Most beautiful of boots :) O, so excited to see the magical Ice Queen outfit ^_^