Monday, October 27, 2014


Dear readers, 

I always turn to you in form of advice or expertise. I know you guys are intelligent, word citizens and therefor I would be very pleased to hear your views of the Leica camera. I need a smaller Leica, yet with the power, capability and the functions of the Canon 5D mark II or at least close to it. 

What's your thoughts? Any photographer out there who would like to share their view?


(By the way, apologizes to my super late answers in the last 10 posts! I answered it all now!)


  1. Hi Stina,
    I am big fan of the Leica "C" as I just wrote replying on your question in an earlier post. But maybe the best would be to visit a Leica store and just look at them? The Leica store in my town offers really good service, do you have one in Stockholm, too?

  2. Hi Stina,
    I have no experience with Leica, but if you are looking for a small and handy camera I would recommend the Sony Alpha 6000. It is a mirrorless systemcamera which delivers perfect results.It has quite a big sensor which you can compare to a DSLR. I have two lenses for it but for normal everyday use I just have one lense with me which is adequate for everyday. It is really small and light - I can keep it in my handbag. And the qualitiy and the possibilities are really really good. I am really satisfied with it.
    All the best

  3. I would go to Scandinavian photo on Kungsholmen and ask.

  4. Hej Stina! Det verkar som du har mindre problem med migrän. Om det stämmer vad beror det på ja förutom att du verkar mer harmonisk och tillfreds.

    Tack igen för underbar blogg!


  5. I use a Leica M9 now and then, my father that has lots of spare cash and likes buying cameras and taking pictures. I find it very hard to use (but photography is not even a hobby for me I just like documenting my life in the best possible quality), and slow, but the results when I get things right are awesome. Great colours. Not a camera I would recommend if you are going to take pictures of your kids though and unless you are willing to spend a lot of time learning about it. Very interested to see if you find a small, easy to use Leica and maybe cheaper than 5000 EUR.

    Anyway, whatever you buy, buy in Switzerland, unless you have someone going to the US or Hong Kong. Swedish prices are totally crazy and the service is not good.

  6. I also use the Sony Alpha 6000 and am very satisfied of the good pictures it gives. And I like that it is small and practicable to carry on or put into he handbag.

  7. Hubby does photography as a hobby and is like you looking into purchasing a smaller camera (he currently has the canon mark III) and according to him the smaller leicas aren't "better" then a sony or a fujifilm camera, the sensors aren't very good and apparently the lenses are much more expensive, which according to him won't be worth it if it's going to be used as a "second camera"! And you can apparently buy a "ring" for one of the sony cameras which makes it possible to use canon lenses with it!!