Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind and body

So life is slowely coming back to a much better everyday with our help at home. She is such a lovely young woman, really a wonderful person to have around in our family and we all enjoy her so much. Work is also a fresh environment to be in, where I feel like I'm reloading my batteries and completely absorb the feeling of just being Stina. I just wish I had the time (it's a priority of mine of course, I rather go home directly from work to be with the kids then being away even more) to do one more Pilates class per week. Now I mostly have time for a class before lunch on Saturdays.
Pilates is such a great form of exercise for the female body and where I do it, at Stockholm Pilates Center, well it just has a wonderful aura around it and I love being there and devoting myself to my mind and body. I've never looked so good in my body as when I was doing it two times peer week. But we can't have it all right. The relationship needs time, the children needs love and presence, the house needs time, I need to work, we need to have a cosy and warm hearted family time ... It feels like friends and exercise is where I lack and would truly benefit from more of both. But the young years of the children are so precious and they grow up so fast, I don't want to feel like i'm missing out!


  1. You are really full if energy to make all that Sti a. Bravo.

  2. What a wonder woman you are dear Stina!

    1. No, not at all but I try to live life to the fullest!