Monday, October 13, 2014

Soon twenty years!

So this was the beautiful birthday girl, one of my bestiebesties, cannotlivewithout friends. We've been besties for almost 20 years now and there's not much about me she doesn't know - or vice versa. This night was spent with 19 friends at restaurant Pontus in Stockholm and we had such a nice time. L is also pregnant again and expecting her second little baby in December and still so ravishing! You might recognise her from here!

Her dress (since I know you will ask) is from DVF and no, not from this year!


  1. You both look stunning, how precious it is to have old chums who know you inside out.

  2. Oh that's wonderful! Best wishes for your friend Linnea. She is indeed a ravishing expectant mother in her beautiful DvF dress, and you are very beautiful as well. I really enjoyed these photos.
    Hugs Beatrice

  3. I was the only one who guessed that whe was pregnant last summer when visiting you dear Stina but you did not answer to my comment !
    You are lucky to keep such a relation with a real friend. Seldom nowadays.

  4. Beautiful photos! Very exciting time for your friend :-)