Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The continuing ...

So I absolutely loved what I was wearing to this private, two couple dinner with the Louis Vuitton Stockholm, as hosts. Unfortunately that day it was pouring down rain like a sky fall and the lovely mild temperatures we've experienced was cold, moist and harsh. My day at work was also absolutely crazy busy with patients, which I love of course, but that ended up in me looking super skinny in my face, with hollow eyes and just a tired looking general look. But after a glass of Champagne (or maybe three) I had forgot about the tired look and average feeling and just did the most of this marvellous evening, accompanied of such lovely and interesting people and feeling so appreciated and spoiled! Thank you again!

Did you by the way now that LV has a designer collaboration with Christian Louboutin for some special (studded and fur red) details a la the french designer himself and if that was not a surprise enough ... For everyone who saw the sympathetic, ultra original, liberating fashion show of Chanel recently and know how empowering it was for women (to dare to go your own way, embrace your personal style etc) Karl Lagerfeld himself actually designed a boxing set up with ultra stylish details (a la 1.2milj SEK!, but anyhow).


  1. Champagne is magical, it turns us all into raving beauties!


  2. Sorry, but the outfit is a total cliché - not appealing or innovative in any way. In the white-only picture, where we do not see the black details, you look elegant and classy. But then the black comes and the spell is broken. If you at least had another skirt, I mean with no pattern, which gives the outfit an unnecessary urban touch. I just expect more from a fashionista and elegant woman.

    1. .....not appealing??? Not innovative??? I would say the opposite.....

      Stina wrote that it was raining and cold.....probably difficult to wear a dress with high heels??... I think it's stylish and beautiful.....the cream white with the black is electric!!!:))

      Keep showing us your personal style......we love it and it's very inspiring!!!!

  3. This outfit is absolutely stunning!:)) Bold, brave, different and fab!!!

    Love the boots!!!

  4. Unfortunaletly, I lefet about more than5 comments without succes by Apple !!!
    I was a little bit disapointed by your choice under the coat because I looove your boots and coat and as you said all white, I may be thought of a dress or outfit in the cream or very light beige, nothing black like the snow....
    Well there is no fault to taste, of course, but a fashionista like you, could do be better it's true. Dont mistake, it was perfect but to be reallly original everything should have been in the tons of white or cream.
    Hope you are not angry against me, you know that I admire you so much but I also say the things I
    You remain the most beautiful woman all around...
    Hugs Uta

    1. Oh no, so sad that you have problems with the commenting! We need you here Uta!

      I'm not afforded, not at all, we can always please each other, right!


  5. Just love it! The coat, gah! One word- amazing. Amen:) Where are your beautiful earrings from?! Perfect! Hugs

    1. Thank you dear Åsa.

      The earrings are from a jeweler store in Mallorca! The real pearls and wonderful stones is so lovely closeup! They are so pretty!!!

  6. dont you dare ever get rid of that coat. it is so uniquely you.