Monday, October 6, 2014


So today I was completely crowded with patients at work (Akademikliniken), hardly had time for lunch (microwave in 10min) and I had to stay over later to have time to write my journals for each and every patient. One might have thought that when I arrived home it would be chaotic ... but no, no, no lady C had it all under control and the house looked so wonderful and had such a good spirit, it was a true pleasure. I took the children, played with them, built a house under the dining table and after a while she had cooked us all a very autumnish soup with fresh bread.
I mean ... my energy is starting to raise, my soul gets all warm and finally I have what we've been longing and fighting for so much!

Tomorrow we're attending a private dinner with Louis Vuitton just me and M and another couple, words can't describe how much I'm looking forward to that! And the fact that we CAN attend, without needing to book a babysitter or my parents in advance, it's such a luxury!
What shall i wear though? Always the same question!


  1. Åh så härligt! Njut ordentligt :)

  2. Already you look well-rested, your Lady sounds wonderful, and she cooks for the family, what a bonus!
    Wow that dinner sounds amazing, I'm sure whatever you decide to wear will be stunning but please share it with us. Have fun.

  3. Oh at the end you breath, you live again and your man is there what a happiness.
    For Vuitton why not this fur vest, black under, Louboutin shoes and the small Chanel's bag.
    Anyway you will know exactly how to be the most beautiful ad usual.

  4. Hej Stina,
    jag undrar var man kan köpa Jan Marinis produkter i Stockholm? Ni säljer väl inte dessa längre..?
    Tack för en grym blogg!!

  5. Hej Stina! Vi funderar på anställa au-pair. Hur hittade ni henne och vilka kostnader medförde det? Tack för underbar blogg och inspirerande modebilder!

  6. Maybe buy something new since you have so few outfits? ;-)

  7. Vi vill se vad det blev för snyggt!

  8. Love the fur west, you have the best jackets and vest! So glad to hear that everything is going so smooth with lady C and what a pleasure it must be for you to come home to a calm environment after a long day at work!

    xx Tarand Marie