Friday, November 28, 2014


Two evenings ago Akademikliniken hosted an informative event to show what we can do in a face, both with medical injections such as fillers and Botox, but also with advanced skin treatments.

I'm thinking of throwing a event like this for my blog readers out there. For everyone interested in what we can do in a face, we can have an educational evening with patient cases, going through the whole face and talk about all sorts of improvements possible and also have a talented skin therapist to talk about the skin and how to get it as perfect as possible with things that really work and give results. It would be personal so that everyone has time to ask questions etc.

Would that be interesting?

The pretty lady (32years old) on the picture who I'm about to treat has a rather flat mid face which she's bothered about. I created very beautiful cheek bones on her which she's been wanting for many years and that little improvement just made all difference. The eyes are more visible, her lips looks better and the balance in her face is remarkable improved.

Tak soon!


  1. How do you create cheek bone ? With acide or botox?
    It looks that you fone on yours. Beautiful.

  2. Hi,

    I created them with a thicker form of filler which gives a good building structure. Looks very natural and so beautiful.

    No I haven't filled my cheek bones, I don't need it, they are big as they are. They became more visible after my pregnancies since I lost weight and volume in my face. What I have done though in my lower face is injected the super light Vital since I got lines next to my mouth which I didn't like.


  3. Ohlala Stina, I really would like no to live so far from you. I wil run to you. It looks so natural and I am very admirative that you practice that. Here, we absolutely need to be a doctor to make this building structure. It's forbibben by someone like a nurse or esthetician person.

  4. Stina! I had almost forgotten about your sparkling personality and sharp esthetic eye and boy!!!!! am I excited about the subtle improvements you created on my droopy ex baby/ separation/stress-face. I feel like my old self again! Still anxious from having spent all that money on ME, but I'll get over it... :) Cecilia

  5. That would be super interesting, unfortunately I'm not in Stockholm all that often. Such a shame I don't live there anymore, otherwise I would have booked an appointment with you. Maybe I'll try sometime when I visit. I really want to do something about my face, but I want it to look natural and discrete. A bit scared of ending up at the wrong place… or with the wrong person. Love reading your posts, though!

  6. I would definitely try to make it to an event for your blog readers!


  7. Stina love the idea of an educational post on skin treatment and aesthetic treatment.

  8. Stina, du hjälpte mig återskapa lite volym i mitt ansikte förra veckan, lite Botox och pytte i läpparna....jag har aldrig varit snyggare! Naturligt, vacker, kvinnligt och JAG! Så nöjd. Du är grymt professionell, testat många tidigare men aldrig fått förtroende för någon som du. Du fattade direkt, du är varm och så underbar som person. TACK TACK TACK! Mina bästa investerade pengar!

  9. Såg dig på stan härom dagen. Så jävla cool, snygg och stod ut från mängden. Ska boka tid snart:)

  10. Vore definitivt intressant och roligt!!

  11. Vi är på! Dvs, jag och en kompis!

  12. Jag vill också komma!!
    Fantastiskt idé!!


  13. I would love that kind of event! Going in to my thirties I have to find new routines and products!
    Have a happy advent!

  14. Jag är definitivt intresserad, vilket bra initiativ! /Jos