Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn grey

I'd almost forgot I owned this classic great coat and now I worn it three days in a row just because it's so stunning!
On these pictures you can also quite well see how the volume in my lower face is back even more from my two injections. I completely love it and recommend this treatment to almost all of my patients, especially tired mothers like myself! Restylane Vital is truly amazing and a pleasure for me to give to my patients!

(coat: Samsoe&Samsoe, here, pants: 2ND Day, here, boots: Acne & bag: Celiné)


  1. You look the same beautiful woman for me dont see the difference.

  2. I wish you were in Australlia so I coud get my face done by you! I really love the amazing difference a few injections can make. Not obvious but like you said - it just makes you look fresher and fuller. I want that! Please can you do a post about how to find someone good/trustworthy when it comes to face injections? P.S. LOVE your blog, style and inspirational motherhood/career mix!

  3. How long will the restylane last in your face?
    Before you again must take the treatment again...?