Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Family time

I just love spending time the whole family together. We can't do even half of the things as we would like of course due to the fact that Leon is still so small. But it gets to me more and more how the whole world will open up again, perhaps next year, when both kids starts to get older. Alexis is a joy to bring to all forms of pleasures now and I actually long for the day when Leon is in the same age and we have two small boys to explore life with.

(coat: from a store in Zurich, sweater: Zara, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, boots: Acne & bag: Balenciaga . my man is wearing: coat: Dior, sweater & shawl: Lindex for men, shoes: Weston)


  1. You are all a walking lifestyle ad!


    1. I argee :-) beautiful and stylish all together

    2. Thank you sweet readers! Very proud of my little family1

  2. Hey,
    love everything in this picture. Especially after Father's day..

    The little booties on Alexis are so cute.

    The buildings in the background remind me of my city, the area near the river bank.

    Have a great Wednesday.

  3. So beautiful family!

    Stina, you might have answered the following question previously, but I couldn't find it. I wonder how you chose what you wanted to do (work with). It looks like you really enjoy your career and it's dream for all of us i guess. How do one choose a job that is suitable for one's personality?

  4. Well, sure that you changed a lot M giving him the taste of fashion....
    Of course a beauuuuutiful family what can we say more. All perfect.

  5. I am back but unfortunately impossible to send my comments by Apple evev aeay!
    But I can follow you and these last pictures with all family gives dreams to anyone for sure.
    All so beautiful, cute children, gorgeous Stina...