Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little black jacket

So i'm leaving for Madrid (!!!) on Saturday for an incredible, very small and private education with a Spanish master in Medical Aesthetic. Of course I'm beyond excited even though there will be very little time to explore the city itself.
Anyhow, this little stunning black, tweeded jacket will have to follow since I love how rock-chic it is but also very appropriate for business and work. The material is bought from the same source as the Chanel jackets and I really love how perfect it fits most outfits and styles.

I'm wearing it with a over sized knitted sweater in black from IRO and leather pants from Missoni for a perfect look.

You can find it here among other beautiful jackets like this.

Talk soon!


  1. Wish you many fun in Madrid, with this perfect and wonderful jacket I am sure you will have fun <3
    Lovely greetings from Bavaria, Rena

  2. Very cool, both the ensemble & the trip.
    Hopefully you'll have time for a detour to see your sister.

    1. She was located in Barcelona so that might be a little hard!

  3. OMG women! So jelous of the trip and your fab style. So nice picture! Longing for christmas to, can not stand the grey sky and the darkness. Have a wounderful trip!

  4. Oh great. It changes a bit. You are perfect in this ensemble.

  5. I'm in Athens now and it's +20. Made the same mistake - brought autumn clothes with me. I assume that the weather is simi,ar in Mardrid, so maybe you should leave your new jacket at home and take some summer dress instead....;-)

  6. Ooooh ! Nice,city!!
    Good wheather, but evening and nights can this time of the year be -lets say - "fresh".
    So I suggest you keep your autumn clothes and enjoy a fantastic city if you ll have time.
    Lived there for a few years and if you know where to go- it s a hit, a little less international than Barcelona- but fantastic

  7. You look gorgeous! Have a great and educative time! Just thought I'd pass on that I was finally able to purchase a red Lempi bucket bag. I credit you and your style for inspiring me, though I have been a long term fan of the shape of that bag. It is such a classic but also beautiful and practical shape for a working woman's day bag! I did need a red bag very much too! I'm very excited and can't wait for mine to arrive! Love from Justine from Australia x