Friday, November 21, 2014

SuléKó perfumes

This scent, ohh, this scent. Only sold in very small and exclusive perfumeries around the world and at a few art galleries and made from the knowledge of pure Russian traditions but in a modern parisian style.

Back in the days, the Russian perfumes where the most admiral ones and people came to East just to buy them and bring back to the socialite of Europe.
The parisian born woman Anastasia, is the brain and the nose behind a small collection of four perfumes influenced by the Russian mythology and the different seasons. They all come in bottles, perfectly handcrafted in porcelain and she designed them with an famous architect to reflect the light and enhance the power of the typical, Russian aromas - very precisely made to be as unique and addictive as one can assume.
They're made in and from Paris and when I for the first time tried them on, i immediately fell in love with the complex Baba Yaga which comes in an enchanting Eau de Parfume. I'ts strong, warm, mystic with glimpses from cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, bergamot, oriental mandarin, wood and dark leather which blends uncontrollably with the warm, sweet notes of patchouli. It's so complex and I've been wearing it with great pleasures since I got it. People stoop me on the street to find out what i'm wearing ...

Today, Friday the 20th of November she presents it at Insolita, an art gallery in Geneva, Bourg-de-Four 22, 1204, Genève at 6pm in the evening, please make sure to go by and get a personal guidance and feel the intriguing mysteries of the perfumes if you are close by!

If you are genuinely interested or would like to buy one, contact her through the email found here at the webpage.

Talk soon!

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  1. The bottle honestly took my breath away.