Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas shopping wear

A huge, huge absolutely crazy Christmas shopping (mostly groceries, Glögg, flowers) took place today with this handsome little active boy as a company and his father who finally returned from Geneva.

The plan was to fit in a Pilates in the morning, but it was too slippery to drive at that time (one car crash is enough for a life time) and honestly, I just felt like me, myself and I need to yet again, step aside from what I would love to, for the sake of what's really necessary. Both children were so "mummy" and I had so much to fix before Christmas eve. My poor body just screams for exercise and even so, it feel like it's the one thing I really have to forsake. Need to change that in way or another!

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  1. Very posh Alexis.... Fashion like his mum!