Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day after Christmas

Since the kids, cutely enough, fell asleep before Father Santa knocked at our door the 24th of December, he was so kind enough to come in the morning the day after instead. And in their new Dragon and Lion cub costumes they grated this magical red father of joy. I loved to see how they just embraced it all. Having children and seeing the pure imagination and expectation, it's so wonderful. And natural. Life in in a raw kind of way. Before we all gets impacted by the society and how one should be or think or believe.


  1. Oh my God, look at Leon in that lion cub outfit, He is so so squidgable and adorable! I want an adult version to wear indoors in winter.

  2. Me too.. Magical this Christmas, so many dreams which have finished with the age,..
    I would return to this time but life has to fly ..... A little bit of sadness this morning, may be because of this horrible cold here.
    Big hugs beautiful Stina