Sunday, December 14, 2014


The boys and me, hot chocolate with whipped cream and playing around in front of a sparkling fire. Leon who is growing and becoming prettier and prettier, just like his amazing older brother. Some days are cosier then others.


  1. Such a handsome family together in the countryside. Love your fur collar. Mixing high end fur with jeans and casual country wear is so elegant. Just georgeous in every way.

    Leon is adorable and clearly he enjoys being photographed. Very cute. Alexis has temporarily decided to avoid photos. He is exercising his decision making skills. How cute!

  2. Super outfit! Stina, which castle in Stockholm is that? I tried to ask on Insta, but you didn't answer...Could you?

  3. Yes we can see that Alexis does want to be photographed.... It's funny on the picture.
    You really Are a beautiful family. Gorgeous genes sorry I dont know name in English.
    Yes Leon is pretty pretty.

  4. Marta. Stina has no time to snswer our questions nowadays!

  5. Häringe Slott? Where I got married :) /Angela