Monday, December 15, 2014


Every year during the colder season, it's the same problem and it's so tiring. I'm always cold. Seriously ... always. My man think it's one of my more annoying sides and we often fight about temperatures, especially in our house. I like to have it 23.5° and he is brought up with 20° as standard. Call it Swedish versus Swiss cultural differences, nevertheless It's complicated.
I know I can go dressed in Moon boots and complete ski suit, but that will never happen so let's be reasonable. Of course, parts of it is because I'm skinny but it has actually always been like this.

I found this Prada duvet jacket that I bought last autumn or the autumn before that, can't remember and it's nice, but still, it feels like I'm walking the streets naked and I have four layers under including wool. It's my own fault since I don't even wear a shawl, i'm not writing this text to get tips on how to dress warmer, just to complain a little and point out that it's hard to dress the way I want and yet be accordingly warm at the same time.
Anyhow, we spent Sunday with my parents and had a cosy dinner in the evening with them. At Christmas we'll have 17 people at our house (!!!) so it's time to start baking and preparing in the evening to get all the things in order before father Christmas knocks at our door!

Enjoy this magical period of the year!


  1. I´m always cold, too! My man leaves the house just wearing a shirt and a light jacket...during the winter season I always find myself in trouble: warm clothes vs nice clothes...I find it hard to dress really warm (!!!) and stylish, because I hate socks and I think most shoes look even nicer without socks. So I really can understand your "complaining" - winter temperatures are challenging for people like us. Sometimes I sit in my car for minutes, fighting with myself to leave it, just because freezing is so exhausting...Ok, enough complaining now, have a wonderful Christmas time, dear Stina - warmest greetings from Germany

  2. Sorry for the long message, but it's been so long since I last wrote you...

    Great to read about your Christmas preparations and your romantic trip to London.

    You know Stina, you are not alone. Even though it's not stylish and chic, we have a duvet on our sofa for those moments, when I need some extra warmth, watching the tv or reading a book. I make a little nest, with a cup of spicy, oriental tee and a good dvd.

    I put on woollen socks, after I get home, I also have a pair at the office, when I'm not wearing my office shoes.

    At home, my husband wears a t-shirt and shorts, and I sometimes have socks, t-shirt, his old, warm sweater and pyjama trousers. Not very chic, but sometimes I have to wear them for an hour or so, until I get warm enough.

    When he's working the night-shift, the bed feels so cold, so I have to take his duvet too. And this is on very mild temperatures we've had in Finland, about +3 or so.

    I like the feeling of softness on my skin and the warmth that comes with it. It's just so relaxing after a long day at the office and a run thru the grocery store. It's just how I was made. :)

  3. Hej,

    vilken storlek har du på din Chanel väska, så himla fin!!

    Kram louise

    1. Exactly the same size as the classic 2.55 form Chanel.

    2. Louise, tipper det er en størrelse medium. Vær obs på at nåværende medium har andre mål enn det størrelse medium hadde når Boy først ble lansert :)

  4. same here - I guess it is the same for most women ;-)
    when temperatures drop below 10°C I never go without thin tights (even under jeans), socks on top of the thights and a chemise otherwise I would be too frozen.

    @NK from finland: I even have a woolen cover for my mattress that I could not live without


  5. Samething! My husband leaves always windows open...? Even a little bit. We fight for that all the times
    The only thing I never go out without a shawl, of LV, or H, a very nice one same coulour than my cloths , but too delicate of the throat. I dont know how you dont tske throat pain dearest.

  6. I hear u sister!! I´m exactly the same. What to do, what to do...

  7. Uniqlo heattech thermals are my solution. They are very thin and can be worn under nicer clothes ! Karen x

  8. Nothing to do with cultural differences, if anything Swedes typically under-heat. I have the same problem with my Swedish husband but he knows my temper and that I'd throw him off the balcony if he even suggested turning the heat down. In my experience men just seem to have better blood circulation. My male-dominated office feels like a morgue (the cold + the terrible lightning) but the men think it's fine, I think they actually enjoy pretending they are tough.

  9. Same here - I think this is a difference between men and women. I'm also always cold, but my husband has learnt to go around with almost no clothes at home in winter ;-) Great bag!

  10. I agree and I am always cold as well. A bad thing about Sweden is the weather for sure. Regarding the skinny (I know you are not that sensitive about weight as many other women so I hope you don't mind) but you defenitely look skinnier lately. Is that so or only camera illusions? I know autumn had been tought, maybe there is no time to eat or no aptite when you are stressad... Me instead, eat too much when I am stressad.... :(

  11. If you have time, could you publish some of your Christmas recipes, please? I'm also having lots of family at our place but the weather will be 30-35 degrees c here in Queensland, Australia. We'll be eating cold meat, seafood and salads.

    My husband also wants the air conditioning colder than I like it! Must be a problem shared by women around the world ;-)

  12. I am also cold practically all the time! This winter I have a new jacket though, a white one with a big furry hood that keeps me warm. Sometimes I even long to go out in my cosy yet beautiful winter jacket :)

    Have a great week XO

  13. Stina, if you haven't tried already, you must get Uniqlo Heattech for the cold. They are thin layers that go well under anything and they have different styles: camisoles, tank tops, long sleeve tops with crew neck or polo neck, socks, leggings, leg warmers and more, in so many colours. They are brilliant for the cold and add no bulk to your clothing, so you can wear all the most stylish clothes without worrying about the underlayer making everything look ugly.

    I have a few of the tank tops and polo necks, I put them on under my sweaters and it's like nothing is there! Sometimes I even forget I am wearing the underlayer, but I'm still warm. They're also breathable, I'm not sure how they do it. They really saved me when I was living in the north of England. They're on sale now so it's good to get them fast because they only sell them seasonally i.e. in the autumn and winter only, but they come back every year (in the summer, they have a similar range to keep you cool, called AIRism). The UK site ships to Sweden too.

    I hope this will be helpful for you and your readers. Greetings from London.

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!