Thursday, December 18, 2014

In the meantime

Life spins in the speed of light at the moment and while i'm trying to do my best for all my wonderful patients and their improvements of the face, I also have my children to take care of and give my whole spirit to the minute I'm entering the house. As soon as they are in bed I have work, emails, my "project" and other necessary things that needs to progress. Not to speak about the planning of Christmas eve. So the blog is a little bit left in the shade, I'm aware of that. I will get back to all your comments, but have to focus on the most important things here and now. Stay tuned, soon back to normal!


  1. Merry Christmas Stina and family! Thank you for your "voice."

  2. Ja de där sötnosarna ska absolut gå före allt annat:-), en fin jul önskas er alla i familjen!

  3. Leon has always a so kind and
    cute expression. Alexis is a real little man already a little bit macho, so cute and funny. Both really pretty as their parents
    Missing you dearest but I undrstsnd how busy you are

  4. fin blogg! vad händer idag :)?

  5. Great photo! Nu längtar jag till sommaren..

  6. Jag fick en ask med praliner Spr üngli som jag nu sitter och myser med. Tänkte då på din blogg, minns att du tycker om dem!

    Hoppas du njuter av julen och inte stressar för mycket, kram!