Monday, December 1, 2014

Light Detox

This weekend was quite special, not only for the obvious reason of the beloved Christmas, but also because I got a delivery to my home of 12 fresh juices from Juica (i choosed the version Mjukstart) with the intention of starting a juice-detox. The goal was to completely live on these six juices/day for two days, but I know how sensitive I am to lack of energy (food) and also had a very strong migraine attack two days before so I was planning to do a light version of it, meaning eating very healthy small lunches and dinner but nothing between that ( I normally eat three real meals and three-five smaller snacks per day).
The detox went perfectly fine but gosh was I tired, a little but grumpy and honestly, I fell asleep three times per day. But today, Monday I feel so refreshed and my skin is really glowing. I'm still tired and EXTREMELY hungry but I do find it very important to cleanse the body from time to time, especially for me who takes migraine medicine often and will probably to this regular a day here and there. I ate normal food also, but as I said, only vegetables, grained couscous, only one coffee in the morning (i know it's forbidden but I had to chose between that or taking some medicament for my headache) and ate a banana also and drank herb tea in between. The juices tasted special but nice and I am so happy I did it. Thank you M for supporting me as much as possible!


  1. Courageous Stina! I could never do that particulsrly with juices for stomach and intestion....
    Good luck and bravo.

  2. Good for you! I did a 3 day juice cleanse (4 juices a day) and strictly nothing else recently. I felt amazing, and the skin does glow, you're right. Apparently it's very good to do them at the changing of the Seasons. I may do another one coming into the New Year, I can't give up all the delicious food at this time of year :-)

  3. I have been thinking about trying this but I am afraid of starting to experiment with food. Isn't it better just to try and eat healthy as often as possible but always give your body enough food and energy?

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  4. I completely agree with Johanna.