Saturday, December 20, 2014

Practical, comfy and chic ...

... sort of sums up what I need and expect in clothes today. Stella McCartney always amazes me with original designs, fun creativity in combination with her own experienced demands as a four child mother. I'm a huge fan! And the staff in the boutique in Stockholm are just so inspirational and gives absolute top notch service every time. Highly recommend a visit!

This is my best weapon during everyday with my boys. Skinny pants, preferably leather (you can wipe them of), a big sweater, a cool bag and nice matching shades. I still feel super chic yet it works in my life. Love it!


  1. do you know anything about Stella? her philosophy and attitude to fur-wearing people ...

    1. Of course. She is not judging, most of her close friends wears fur. She've talked about this in interviews many times. She grew up as a vegetarian and it was very natural for her. She's just showing that there's options for all sorts of LEATHER, mostly in fashion. Fur and leather is the same thing. Just as EATING meat and using cow milk, egg and having leather in your car. Leather is 1000 more of a problem for the animals then fur will ever come close to in this world and especially the world of fashion, high end luxury and everyday accessories such as shoes, belt, handbags etc.

      Don't even get me going. I would love to not harm animals in ANY sort of way. Unfortunately I eat meat, use leather on my shoes and bags and yes, also wear fur. Nothing is worse then the other. Everything is equally bad. The leather you use on your accessories are not the made of the same cow you eat. They throw the rest and wise versa. It's a waste in that sense, yet that's what we do. I don't like it but wont give it up either.
      Please get the inhumanity in the whole circle and acknowledge every step, not only blaming a fur. It's so much un-educational opinions and very double moral about one thing yet not the other though it is exactly the same thing. I've written a LONG post about this before and will not publish any more comments about anything like this. Do your research and think broader then the nose point.

  2. Absolutely right and very intelligent answer dear Stina. I completely agree with what you said.
    And your new pullover, leather's trousers and bag are a dream....