Monday, December 15, 2014

STOKKE One, two, three ...

I just can't believe how fast my oldest grow. It feels like it was yesterday we gave him the adorable toddler bed from STOKKE (see the transformation here) and we let go of the baby crib. And just a couple of days back, we realised he touched the end of the toddler bed with his toes. That meant we had to order the extended junior part with the junior madrases! So now my oldest has a junior bed, JUNOIR!? Crazy how times flies. I still remember when he was sleeping most of his hours in this super smart solution for all new borns.

One thing is for sure, the room gets harder and harder to keep tidy!

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  1. It goes so fast! I remember that picture of little alexis when he was sick in bed with the laptop. Leon looks like Alexis did as a baby, even though I think Leon looks a lot like his dad, esp. in the jaw/mouth. It's interesting to see even looking at my own friend's "Lil Mama" how when she was younger she looked a lot like her mama, but as she grows she taking on more features of her father.

  2. Such a lovely room! I do not have kids yet (hopefully) but I can already be afraid that time will run so fast!

  3. We also have this bed for our baby girl and I LOVE it. Please visit today for a lot of inspiration for the children's room.


  4. My daughter uses stokke sleepi junior too, but we lower the bed in case she will not fall to the carpet (We also put the sleepi mattress on the ground for protection).