Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter dressed

So just ready for December, the temperature dropped and it really starting to be perfectly christmasy, crispy and cold. My man will finally be home tonight and this month have been crazy with all of his trips. Very tiring actually. But he will be home with a new car, more family friendly this time since the last one was completely destroyed in the car crash. Thank you dear mum for lending us your car ever since! We are so humble for your generosity!
Since it's dark at 2.45pm here in Scandinavia it means those lovely outfit and style post are harder to catch, so today I'm using this phone pic to show you guys what I wore yesterday on my way back from work.

(fur coat, leather pants: Missoni, knitted sweater: IRO, boots: Don&Donna & snake bag: Balenciaga).


  1. Er....really? I live in the southern Stockholm and it's been +4 all day...So not really crispy and Christmassy ;-) Great look!

    1. If you leave home early and spend a day in office, you get impression that it's cold (when you leave home and office). :-)

  2. Älskar kappan, sjukt snygg. Läder pants är alltid tummen upp ;)

  3. Skitsnyggt!! Aven i varmare grader!

  4. Dear Stina!!! Love your coat, where from? Your own design?;) Hugs Susan

  5. Ahhhhh que bueno! Stina descríbenos las bondades de tu auto, eres una persona que admiro y tu opinión acerca de los autos me es importante! Saludos desde Lima

  6. Om du vill kan du gärna skriva lite om vad du tycker om det senaste inom den svenska politiken! Nyval är ju inget vi ser ofta!

    Ha en bra helg och tack för en bra blogg! :) <3

  7. Snyggt! Vad skönt att höra att din man är hemma lite längre nu, för er alla! Håller tummarna att han snart får jobb i Sverige:) För visst vill han väl jobba i Stockholm? Du gör ett fantastiskt jobb både hemma och på arbetet. Var har du köpt dina skor? Hittar ej på nätet. Helt perfekta svarta skor.

  8. You are so thin, your legs are perfect. Besutiful woman

  9. Just returning from Italy I can appreciate your gorgeous coat and beautiful legs dear Stina.
    Also vety cold in France.