Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Pilates

I really have been slacking with Pilates lately. Just haven't found time even though i LOVE it and my body is reacting so well from it. I truly find that i have better thoughts and live my life in a more present and accurate way after I've done this form of exercise.
This last spring I could practise it two times per week regularly and I have never looked better in my body and felt so strong, inside and out. I would love to have time to combine it with Yoga for the most perfect of combination but life really don't have time for nor of the forms of workout in the quantity I would prefer.
It's on my mind often, how complicated such an easy thing can be for someone who has children and working. I know a lot of people do it after work, but for me it is almost too egoistic to be away even more then I'm already are from the small kids. There will be a day when they'll chose friends anyhow but now they need me so much and I'm in great charge of influencing them and teaching them what life is and how to behave. I have some friends that is very much into Yoga and goes to India regular and spend long times over there or just embracing Yoga and Pilates to its fullest. But you know what I realised the other day, non of them has children. They can live a true egoistic life where they themselves are completely in focus and take all advantage of that. It's wonderful, probably very liberating and with a full sense of freedom - but It's not the choices I've made. One of my goals though for next year, is to maybe start doing some at home in the evenings if I can find the energy and motivation.

(Knitted sweater: Zara, wedges: Isabel Marant & cap: Stella McCartney)


  1. Vilket fint inlägg om dina barn. Jag känner precis detsamma. Mina egna behov och önskningar får ligga lite vid sidan och vänta tills tid finns. Det finns ingenting jag kommer ångra mer i livet än om jag prioriterar bort tid med mina barn för att jag vill träna/ gå på skönhetsbehandlingar etc. Barnen ÄR livet. Det är så det är nu. Det kommer en tid när de inte är så beroende av mig och DÅ ska jag njuta av all världens lyx till mig själv. Men vardagslyxen i denna stund är att vara med mina barn - före allting annat. /M.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! just restructured, cleaned and sorted my wardrobe. Love to great a new year with "ordning & reda". :) You have been in my mind, taking care of my beautiful clothes. Also started to write my new years letter I write every year. Being thankful and reflecting over the past year and visualizing the coming on. Have a great new year! Would love to hear the plans and see the outfit. ;). I will celebrate with my magical man!

  3. You are so right, don't beat yourself up over not going, life goes in phases and it's better just to go with the flow. My kids are older now and we all exercise together and love it, when they are little it's very different, it's such a short time, just enjoy it!

  4. Tipsa gärna om du eller ngn annan har tips på bra app för hemmaträning! Kram