Thursday, February 26, 2015

Expressen TV - another episode

Another episode of "Snygg på en lunch" - ("Improvements during a lunch") is now released and you can see the PART 5 that I'm participating in or see the other episodes where my talented skin therapist colleague Minna is working her magic on the skin.

This time I'm putting my hands on a man - see it all HERE (part 5).

I hope this weekend will be lovely and nice, next week my mother and father in law are coming to stay with us for a while and then we're off to a magical place just the two of us. Expect some great photos, new spring and summer wear and just beauty in all different forms.

Talk soon!


  1. Dear Stina
    I did not got your hands on a man unfortunately but I heard and have seen you before and I love your voice and of course talent. My comment had not left at that time.
    Happy that you fly away some days with your love to a sunny country.
    Looking forward to seeing you are going...

  2. I love seeing bloggers I've followed for a while in video form, you have such a pretty soft accent.
    And yes to spring and summer wear!

  3. Nice! You're so professional! Stina, would you be so kind and reveal the brand of that blue-patterned shirt from the previous post? I'd be very grateful.


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