Friday, February 6, 2015

What we're waiting for ....

A small picture of waiting. Waiting for the warm winds to return, the trees and flowers to grow and surround us with colours and freshness of spring. I'm planning some new pieces for my spring wardrobe, perfectly fitted for the upcoming trip in beginning of March. Ohh, can't wait for cocktails, late evenings, exotic environments, sun, him and me, warm winds and passionate talks and atmospheres ...

(pic: 2011)


  1. Oh, think most of us long for that right now... sounds absolutely lovely! Have a nice weekend. /Laila

  2. sounds perfect to me-we have a trip planned after over a year of not taking a trip together. The only traveling was to my mother's service last year and that is not a vacation. We all need it. They say the anticipation is more uplifting than the trip-not sure if that is true but both are exciting. Who makes those shoes?

  3. You probably return to Morocco.
    Or Caraiban country?
    Still on my sunny and warm island far away...
    I send you a lof of flowers and warm wind and.... Nice cocktails'

  4. May be South of France ? I love spring time there! 0r Costa Almaphitaine?
    Please please let us know where you will go

  5. Fin bild! Vad är det för märke på snygga klänningen??

    1. Gud jag kommer inte ihåg! Minimarket tror jag.