Sunday, March 1, 2015

Almond Milk - home made

Good evening Readers! 

Today I made home made and pure almond milk for my two sweet hearts. Alexis is milk protein allergic and has been so since very early and to not complicate things too much (and to avioid jelousy drama between the brothers) I try to serve them the same food and beverege to the extend it's possible.
In our house they consume litres of calcium added oat milk and almond milk, both almost tripple the price of normal cow milk. They start everyday with a smoothie with coconut fat, banana and some sort of cow free milk and also get pretty much the same in the afternoon after kindergarden. Before bedtime it's time again for some milk and therefor we end up in enormous quantities. They drink a lot!

Long have I wanted to make my own almond milk and actually not for the reason that it's cheaper, I wish it was but it's most certainly not since almonds, the good ones are very expensive also and therefor almond milk is of course the same since it's necessary to use almost 200gr per making. But anyhow, it feels incredible good and healthy that I've now started to make their own.
It's basically so full of love and good vitamins for the children, I just have to keep doing it.
Start by soaking 200gr of ecological almonds in three times the water for two days. They will become soft and looks not so yummi but the longer they're bathing in the water, the better the milk will be. The more creamy.
After two days in water, rinse the almonds in cold water very properly and put them in a superb mixer (I use the Thermomix, thank you for that one mother in law) and 4 cups of water for 200gr. Which is about 8dl water. Mix it all for two full minutes. The picture shows the raw almond and water mix. I tried it and also gave Leon a serving, but it's too hard to swallow in that consistency so the step below is necessary it seems.
Leon was with me all the time, observing, making noises, eating the swollen almonds that he nicked ...
Take the raw, grainy almond milk and use a clean kitchen towel and put it above a bowl or carafe and poor the raw almond milk on the kitchen towel and within a few minute it will have separated the grains from the pure and silken delicious ready to drink, almond milk. The last part I squeezed out of it as you can see on the picture. It became about 6dl almond milk in the end so it's some work for little but anyhow.
Et Voila! Home made almond milk from their mother to my loves.

I've been told to add some Agave syrup, cardamom and cinnamon to add some more flavours. It taste so natural and healthy, try it!!! One more setup is already in the making, so new soaked almonds are waiting to be pure almond milk in two days now!

Talk soon!


  1. Hi Stina! Highly recommend trying cashew milk some time. Cashews do not need to soak for quite as long since they are softer than almonds (4 hours). I use cashews whenever I can't be bothered to make almond milk due to the straining process ;). Which is quite often. Lol.

  2. Bravo Stina... I would not have this patience to prepare this almonds milk but it so healthy for children....
    And for the cashews I did not know it was also so healthy.
    When do you leave for your little trip with your big llovr M?

  3. Yum - I love homemade nut milks - especially Almond. You can try adding 2 (or 3) organic dates when your blending and it gives the most perfect touch of sweetness. It's delicious :-)