Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back to normality

Back to reality we are again. Funny how fast it goes from calm, romance and paradise to small monkeys, chaos and not a calm moment … nor time for anything else then our wonderful and energetic little boys.

Today I wore this fun combo of green MaxMara coat, knitted sweeter from IRO, bag from Lindex & shades: Prada.
Tomorrow I'm doing something extremely fun that I've longed to do. It's permanent and will make my summer life/face in South of France much easier, not to mention prettier … Will tell you more in time!

More colorful pictures from Morocco soon!


  1. I am looking forward seeing of what you will do on your face. May be permanent rose or light red mouth, permanent dark eyelash or something like this ?
    I have done that and it's really really much more easier the morning and also for my look for my husband when I awake! Of course little by little it becomes clearer. Wait and see for you!

    1. You are far too smart for me Uta, yes eyebrows with 3D technic today and next week soft gentle colour on the lips. So happy you are pleased with yours!

      What shades do you have?


  2. A new tattoo maybe?

  3. I dont know which colour she used, but as I am also blond hair, I wanted eyelashes more stronger and mouth red at beginning it does not keep very well because eating, etc, first days, I drank with a straw...so now it's well coloured but not too much. Very strange Stina because I go there tomorrow for a "retouche. !!" Strange no that we have made that almost at same time? For summer it's so useful with pool, sea etc. She put Elma for the anesthesie because it's painful on the mouth otherwise