Monday, March 23, 2015


Spring came and went in the speed of light. But that wont stop me from continuing as much as possible to dress for Spring. I just can't bare another day of winter, my soul will burst of depression.

This gorgeous and 100 percent silk coat from Greta I've had hidden in my closet since last season. It also comes with a strap so you can get more of a trench vibe from it. Perfect like today with a wool sweater under, or for parties, with the belt strap, wearing a dress underneath. That's what I love about Greta. It so useful!

A little bird also told me that GRETA is having an amazing SALE with very discounted prices on dresses, silk blouses, coats, gowns, pants etc etc this upcoming week, the 25-26th of Mars from 8.00-19.00 Grevturegatan 30, 1st floor. Amazing pieces form older collections, mostly in size Small but also Medium and Large. 

This coat will be sold for a ridiculous price so MAKE SURE TO STOP BY and get yourself some amazing collections!

(coat: Greta, sweater, IRO, leather pants: Missoni, shoes: Acne & bag: Hermés)


  1. This coat is to fall down on you. In fact I really like the little coats, even on me, since I see you wearing them all the time. I leave a bit aside all my blazers/vests. May be not the Chanels's ones..... Always with jeans or slim pants or even leggings....
    But I am always astonished that you are not cold with light cloathes even to walk to the have a warm blood....

    1. Dear Uta, I'm aLWAYS cold, even at home i am dressed in cashmere or wool But these day's I take the car in the garage, go to somewhere indoor so I hardly spent time outside! Else I would die of cold!


  2. vill se mer bilder från ditt hem och mindre "dagens-outfit-bilder"

    1. Then you will be disappointed because I'm not tending to show my home. That's my and my children's private area.

      I hope you understand!

  3. Vad fotar du med för kamera/objektiv? :)

  4. Så himla snygg och kappan är verkligen Du :)
    Kram Sanna