Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Dance - evening

Our Dear girl friends Rebecca was one of the talented contesters in the super popular TV- show Dancing with the stars (Let's Dance in Swedish) and me and Frida was invited with our men to be her support. It was such a fun night and I liked it much more then I would have thought. Rebecca was so good and looked absolutely flawless, even so she was voted out. The rule of the game. We tried to give her as much support as we could and I hope she felt the love.

The funnies (and cutest) thing was both my parents sms me during the show with the words "We saw you on the television" - among many friends and followers. I haven't seen it myself but hope I looked like we had a lot of fun!

Check the program out here!


  1. Jag såg också dig och din man i tv, trist av produktionen att filma några selfie-statister istället för att prata med er.