Monday, March 16, 2015

Magical evenings

How I love getting home to a hotel after a full day, have some nice Rum or any other strong cocktail, spend time together in a slow rhythm, shower, put some evening makeup on, get dressed in something you'd never wear on a everyday, have some more Rum or other beverage, become slightly tipsy, get the heels on, kiss, listening to some good music, hold hand and get into the car and experience a new place, indulge in some tasty food with a nice bottle of wine and just talk, laugh, eat, drink and forget the everyday life for a moment (or two).


  1. smoking hot lady, beautiful make up. Kind regards L

    1. Thank you, it's the eyeshade that makes the difference!

  2. how odd that of all your posts, this is my all time favourite. i can literally feel the tipsiness and excitement.