Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marrakech mixture

The beauty of arabic artesian architecture goes beyond words. The mathematic perfection, made in symbols to discretely give blessings of religions and show their beliefs in a very modest way, compared to the absolutely heavy Catholicism or religions like that, is exactly what I love. Discretion is much more fascinating. Everything is made to perfection when it comes to patterns or decorations, always with a hint of amazing colours. One can not do anyhting else then be affected by it's magnificent.

There's a modern Morocco and a very traditional - blend with each other in a somewhat hard to understand way. The islamic heaviness is more visible now then before, yet the new era of young Moroccans show their liberty and try to adjust their life to be more independent, yet it's clear that they are far from where we are today. You'll never be able, as a young moroccan woman to attend a cafe with your girlfriend without adding shame to your family for being available for flirtation and narcissism. Clearly most very "evening dressed" women with heavy makeup were "road flowers" (escort girls, prostitutes, paid company) as we nicely call them for older international men with lot's of money and a possibility to a better life perhaps.
Part of the females go dress like European women, the rest with the typical Djellaba(h) which is the traditional "kaftan" but with a hood on the back to protect from sand or sun, and the third part in complete burkas, covering the complete body including the face except the eyes. The men are more or less the same blend of modernity and traditional man Djellabah, but of course with tons more freedom.
Morocco is chaos to a western eye, a dynamic mix of cars, caravans, free walking animals, pollution, dust, dirt, people, street food, light weight motorcycles that carry a whole family on one, with the smallest child in front without a helmet. The segregation between the ultra poor and the middle class and wealthy is remarkable visible, but where is it not today in this weird world we're living in?

You'll find modern, ultra hip restaurants (often own by some french guy) very "lounge" in style, and the more authentic moroccan restaurant, where the food obviously is ten times better and served as it should. We went to both kind, and always a stunning Riad with impeccable architecture or style for lunch.

There are many top notch international hotels, but somewhat I find that those luxurious huge hotels all look the same and I love finding luxurious, yet "real" places to stay so that you take part for the country and the cultural in a more close way.

I'll give you tips for Riads, restaurant and things to to in a post coming soon!

Talk soon!

(sunglasses: Fendi, sandals: Hermés, see through tunic: Mexx & purple bag: Louis Vuitton)


  1. Oh beautiful Stina. I understand why M is so much in love with you... Your are full of passion,
    Full of real pleasure of beauties everywhere found. And at same time, so refined that you never neglet to be very well dressed at any moment following circumstance of the day/night.
    Yes there are all these new big horrible hotels but I think that The Mamounia with his huge park and fantastic suites in front of the nature, the Atlas on a side, town on another side, belongs to one of the best Palace near the Medina for me. Because if we are in the Palmeraie eg it's far from the old town.
    Where was your mansion ? (Very very pretty, it's true).
    Big hugs

    1. You are soooo kind Dear Uta and I love talking to someone who actually knows a lot about Marrakech. Yes, the Mamounia is on my wish list next time, I've seen it in many fashion shoots because the architecture there is amazing. Do you recommend it? We might go in October also ...
      Last time we stayed in a Riad inside but the pollution was horrible so this time we stayed outside in the Palmiere area. We had a private driver 24/7 so it was not a problem for us, 10 min into the City area so it was actually nice. Also since we had a huge garden and pool, the temperature hit 30° when we were there ...

      I tried to dress in trousers as soon as we where around, but it was zoo warm, in the evenings I dressed more international with skirt and a blouse but most people dressed like that later in the evenings. One day I actually wore shorts with a long sleeved shirt, but we had to home and change. I got too many comments, M was not happy.

      But most people from UK and all over walk around with absolute no respect for the culture at all I have to say. Some with hardly any fabric on their body ... Not ok.

      Big and passionate hug, blink

  2. Älskar när du reser Stina du tar alltid så fina bilder! du ser fantastiskt vacker ut som alltid:)

  3. Thanks very much dear Stina for your long answer.
    Yes I recommand you the Mamounia with your addresses for the evening of course.
    Big hug