Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marrakech riding

We did a lot of fun things during daytime this time. One of the things were getting out riding for three hours in the raw nature and a short tea break at a small little house before continuing. I've been riding half my life, but nevertheless, I felt quite nervous and rusty and so did my man. My horse was called Luna (Lunetic) and even if she was the smaller version and looked so cute and calm, she was a nervous, complete crazy horse who almost got me of her back about five times and raced me in complete gallop three times without any possibility to stop. At one point I thought of my boys and all the big rocks on the ground and felt like If I stay on this horse (my proud confidence wanted of course) I will come home with a broken leg or back. Not worth it at all. So M and me had to switch horse in the end, he is far heavier and could more easily control this nutshell.

No matter what, it was super fun and I am very happy we did this unusual thing together!

(Note to self: Do not bring and ride with the Chanel WOC, it will open itself all the time and the things will fall out ...)


  1. You look like a little girl on the back of this little mad Lunetic horse... I also had horse riding for years...
    Anyway, what a pleasure to share these moments with your love, who is also hansome on his horse....
    Fantastic souvenirs dear Stina.

    1. Thank you Dear! Yes, I felt like a little girl again. I was more nervous then I hoped for but this horse was something special for sure!

  2. P.S. Not sure that the nice small Chanel's bag was a good idea to bring with you...
    How have you done to walk normally after 3 hours! Aie the bottom should be hurting....

    1. Ohhh my! I could hardly walk for 4 days after!