Sunday, March 29, 2015


An amazing weekend in the Principality of Monaco well spent with the most successful and inspirational people in the medical aesthetic filed. Everyone from all around the world was mostly gathered to take in inspiration, learn more and be part of the future of this ongoing business of youth and beauty. Here with two of my wonderful colleagues, Lena and Josephine.

I've been to Monaco many times and I'm always reflected by the small and privileged beauty of this little place and love the atmospheric aura of the old and captured, the nature and the mountains behind.
The weather was outstanding (even though we were mostly inside during day, except for a well needed long lunch at the classic Hotel de Paris).

Funny thing is how well we're doing in Sweden when talking about injection of Hyaluronic acid (fillers like Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, Emervel) and Botox. We're so advanced in our results and how we use it. Often when being around in congresses like this, where the best of the best is showing live demonstrations and presenting something new or results, I am thrilled to see that me and many in Sweden have been doing this already for a long time and get ten thousand better results then what's shown in the congresses or education's. Not to sound bracky, but Restylane, the absolute first filler on the market and still the world leading of safety and which have most research rapports, was made in Sweden 1996 and after influenced many other chemist to develop the rest that's now on the market and doing well.
Also the face of us from Scandinavia is still very natural and fresh looking while many of the women (mostly from East) look so made, so plumped and fixed.As if their face was ready to burst any minute.  The body doesn't match the very fixed look of the top. Same with many women from arabian countries and down south of Europe, they are just too much. I could go around the whole day and just inspect other women. So much beauty, really outstandingly stunning women, but also very (fillers/plastic surgery/Botox) goes bad - results.
A woman of 50 years old should not look like a plastic made 35 year old in the face she should look like herself, but smoother and fresher, nothing else. Same with young women who just do too much. But different cultures really have different ways of pre suing beauty, a doctor from Europe told us that where he lives, if the treatment he did was not very visible, the patients was not happy while as in Scandinavia, that's considered a bad treatment. Depending on where you are, the result should clearly be more or less obvious, a sign that we clearly could allow us to witness in this congress.

I'm happy to find us all three very natural looking and people was very amazed by that. (Maybe some would like us as long time treaters, to do more and "take better care of ourselves", who knows?

More pictures soon!


  1. Interesting points about different places, here in the UK, it even varies by area, in some places it's all fish lips and ping pong ball cheeks, it looks horrendous.
    Stina, what can be done for a puckered chin? I think I have an over active mentalis muscle, now that I'm 50 it's starting to looking bad.

  2. Absolutely right here in Italy they are swollen.
    But why did you make such a big mouth?

  3. Badinage. I am not a great specialist but I think that a peeling and acid hyaurilic would help your chin.
    I have done it.