Saturday, March 7, 2015

Traveling with Fendi

So finally we're off, just me and my handsome man. To the city of passion, adventure and mystic. I love that place and have planned my outfits and places very carefully and added so many new spring additions, i forgot to count them!

Follow me on Instagram: stina_auer for regular sneak peaks and expect a beautiful photo cavalcade  when we return. Nothing get's me in such great creative inspiration, as when I travel.
Chic colours, amazing food, sun, heat and love. What more can we long for?

Hasta la vista and talk soon!

(extravagant, art deco, spring glasses from the one and only Fendi)


  1. City of passion? Venice may be.
    Have great time with your love Stina.

  2. Have a wonderful. lovely journey!! And I saw on Insta that you scored your latest dreambag, right? Lucky you! /Laila

  3. Mystic city - can it be Rome?! Have fun & enjoy yourselfs. Best Lina