Friday, March 20, 2015


It was such a long time since I did one of these, often very appriciated lists. They're fun to write so I'll offer you some amusement when you find time to read!

So - what have you do this past Wednesday Stina?
- Well, except for taking care of my small kids in the morning and kissing them Good Buy and then running off to a full day of wonderful patients - I've also did something extremely fun and very much needed.
I had the very talented Jenny Hanzon (click here) that is a colleague of mine at Akademikliniken, tattoo permanent makeup, very discretely with 3D technique which makes it look so pretty and natural, on my eyebrows and the lips. They looks smashing and I can't wait to see it healed in a week or so. Many years back I was frightened about these sort of permanent makeup things, but today they looks so good it's hard to see that they are done.
The eyebrows are made looking like natural hair and my lips are just slightly enhanced in the counter without looking hard or unnatural. I was also surprised that it hardly hurt, I put on my anaesthetics, maybe that's why, but honestly, it was easy peasy!
I'm very happy that I did this, it's been on my mind forever since I have to colour them else every second week and I never leave home without some lipstick. The less i need to do on myself, the better. Not to mention how marvellous it will be in the summer when bathing etc! Tres chic!

What was the best part of Morocco?
- Spending time with my man and eating so much delicious food and also learning more about how to cook it at home!

- What happens in the nearest future of excitement?
- Well next weekend I'm off to Monaco partly for work, that's going to be very interesting and wonderful. I have great memories from there. Click here to see.

- Any new desires for spring and summer?
- Absolutely, always. I get bored easily, sell it in my Stinas Vintage Store (click) and buy new things. This beautiful jumpsuit with lace behind is a piece I've looked at for some days now ... Love the snake espadrilles also with a higher sole. Perfect for a stylish everyday.

Tell me something we don't already now about you?
- I very often have two dinners. One at 6.30pm and one at 9pm something. Can't go to bed with a empty belly. I am also deadly scared of snakes and M don't found it so amusing when I almost got a panic attack outside the Souk in Marrakech where these horrible cobra guys sits with there ultra scary snakes. Honestly, I am extremely scared and can't even see them on a picture.

What do you normally eat for breakfast?
 - My often very chaotic, yet cosy in a way - breakfast at 7.15am contains a huge tea cup of strong coffee with plenty of milk, two pieces of some dark bread with butter and scrambled eggs. I eat a second small breakfast at 10am at work before having lunch at 12.

Isn't it hard that M is so often away and not seldom, almost a week at the time?
- Yes it is but the days are so completely full so I do miss him of course but hardly have time to think about that. Life though is SO much easier when he is around. The kids are very different to me then with to him. When i'm around they fight over me, whine more and seek my attention constantly. Their father is very warm and lovely but they beehive somewhat better with him. I've heard though that this often is the case with mothers versus father. Although I am a very firm mother also and stand by my rules and raise my voice many times during day, but I am also so in love with the kids and give them everything i can of warmth and cosiness.
I would love having us all under the same roof always, eventually it might be like that, but for the nearest future, not.

Which is the best jeans on the market?
- Really don't know but the comfiest is for sure the brand 2nd Day which I buy here. Just got my second pair. Swear, the feel like tights and those are the only jeans I can leave on at home when I'm coming back from work, they are so soft and comfy!

Talk soon!

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  1. Älskar denna typ av inlägg. Men fastnar på en lite löjlig grej som behöver klargöras :) Alltså dessa scrambled eggs på mörkt bröd? Pallar du alltså stå och steka äggröra kl 7 på morgonen med småkillarna springandes runt benen och allt som ska fixas? Wow! (Annars älskar jag scrambles och man blir så bra mätt på ägg.)