Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

I haven't been on top during Easter but for one special Easter dinner I put on my colourish yellow coat and meet up with the whole family anyhow. The only one I truly missed was my little sister Lissie who moved to South America a couple of month back. And will stay there for a long time and then settle in Panama.

(coat: Moschino, sweater: Alexander McQueen, black tights and snake espadrilles: Samsoe&Samsoe here)


  1. SAKNAR ER!!!! <3<3<3<3<33<33333333

    /su hermana

  2. Just returned from Cannes, Happy Easter dear Stina. Did you get the flu or similar?
    At least your are so pretty that we cannot see anything on you.
    I like very mucg your espadrilles.

    1. Oh you did, I heard Cannes was wonderful this time. Sunny and warm. No i'm recovering from a small surgery actually, but feel fine but out of shape and tired though my sleep is not so good.

      I love the espadrilles also, though they tend to be very fragile. My golden ones from last year were broken within two weeks.