Saturday, April 11, 2015


A lovely day starting very early like always with my small boys. After we went and checked out a French Saturday school for Alexis that he will hopefully start attending after summer break, we spent five hours admiring all the nordic animals at Skansen.
It was hard to believe that this grey morning would end in complete sunshine, but it did and we are so happy for it. Actually we had a delighted spring lunch out on the terrace at Solliden, one of my Swiss mans favourite summer spots in Stockholm. But I am absolutely exhausted today. So much fresh air, my body is not use to it ...


  1. What a beautiful family shot Stina. Where I live it's been scorching up until these last few days, finally no overhead fans on continuously.

  2. Yes resist beautiful. I know it's nothing to do with your life but this year, I and many people of different ways of life are exhausted. Why more than usual? Well for you, these 2 little monsters as you said and very often alone to do all, it's normal to be so tired but you will recuperate with spring coming, sun that you love so much and your are really a stong woman. This beautiful family's picture (my husband puts also his napkin as M very often, I get mad... But it makes really me laugh ...... shows as life looks and will continue to be a big happiness for you, even sometimes difficult for evryone. I feel near you because have this exhausted sensation right now.
    Haut les coeurs we say in French, ask M.
    Big hugs dear Stina

    1. Right Uta! Haut les coeurs! I prefer this one "à coeur vaillant rien d'impossible" from a real Sir, Jacques Coeur.Better than the german"Wer wagt, gewinnt".Coeur vaillant Stina!!Cath

  3. UTA, I love your comments, so warm-hearted and bubbly :-)
    Stina, and I also love your family photos. Thank you for sharing! Hugs Beatrice

  4. Familia guapa,felicidades stina.saludos Isabel desde España.

  5. It looks lovely, sitting out in the sun having lunch. And Skansen is very nice, especially for active kids. Nice to see that your M is back for a while, totally understand that it must be very hard being on your own so much. /Laila