Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sleeping over

I had my super fun, easy going girlfriend Becca hanging the whole evening, dinner, staying up laughing and sleepping over with a cosy breakfast in the morning and then we hit the city together like two puberty teenagers who never stopes talking. So lovely. Really miss this crazy woman. Alexis completely fell in love and he already asked where The long girl (long??!!) went today when I got back from work.
The best thing ever was that she though the kids (Alexis, Leon is too small) is sooo well behaved. Phu, I guess I grew one inch from that compliment. Hard and constant work seems to pay off.

Talk soon!

(my lovely coat from Rodebjer, with the seam outside this time, love it! find it HERE)


  1. Whaou she is also spendid. Really a beautiful woman. And it's nice to have such good friends dear Stina.
    Is she a model? Or something like this?

    1. REbecca is a huge star in sweden (I would say) but I knew here before all that. She is not a model, but a style icon, designer, entrepreneur was just part of Dancing with the Stars in Swedsh televison. She also tried out being pop star some years back.

      she is just a lot of fun!

  2. Maybe he was referring to your friend's long hair.