Saturday, April 18, 2015

St.Tropez - brown without sun

So I'm a big fan of BUS (brown without sun). The less time we spend i the sun the better, but still I love golden legs and a nice tan.
During summer I wear 30-50spf in my face, arms and decollate and 15 on my legs. Unfortunately I'm quite pale during the rest season which means I use these sort of products as soon as I am bare legs. Like this weekend, we're having a dear family from Switzerland over, a child hood friend of my man and I wanted to wear my new Greta silk dress which needed some extra to come out right.

I do find that the brand St. Tropez is the absolute best and they have four products which makes the result absolutely flawless. The day before you peel with their special peeling, the day after you use the mousse shown on the picture (1h, 2h or 3h) (one special for the face) and then shower. After you use a special cream to keep the colour and it also works as an enhancer whenever you need since this BUS stays about 10-12 days.

Highly recommend it and it doesn't really give that horrible odour that many other brands does.


  1. Oh tanning is my worst habit, I have never been able to kick it, I love lying in the sun and that magic of turning form white to golden.

  2. BUS står nog för Brun Utan Sol, inte Brown without sun. Solbrännan heter ju "tan", inte att man blir "brown" :)

  3. Dear Stina, do you experience any stains from St. Tropez products on your clothing?