Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday Lunch

A somewhat chaotic lunch at the classic Sturehof with all four children (the smallest slept in the pram, thank you for that). Lovely food, dirty table ... lunch with children. I sometimes shake my head wondering what we're doing there, but in the same way it's so dynamic and fun and the kids needs to learn how to behave at a restaurant. A Sunday for lunch is a excellent opportunity to do so, plus very cosy!


  1. Great pictures! The kids are so cute and are doing so well at the table.

    1. Yes they really tried their best! Thank you!

  2. Yes fortunately, they look calm because it's horrible to be inside a restauraurant where children run, cry, make noise, and to take, more of that, a pram! Really it's something nowadays very usual... And horrible.
    Happily they are well educated.

  3. Totally agree, it's the best way to use the kids to be in spaces that are shared with others. Nice to know that's ok to bring the kids for Sunday lunch, thanks for that Stina!

  4. Yes I also agree, if children are like yours, well educated, it makes them to habit with other persons in a restaurant. Or a space to be shared.
    They look very wise ans so cute.