Monday, April 27, 2015


So between a huge medical exam this weekend (will tell you more about this in the next post), educations, advanced medical aesthetic around the table discussion dinners with some few chosen from Europe and Scandinavia, presentations etc etc I had a few hours on Sunday to hang with what is most important of all. These three, my favourite people. We have this gorgeous place a few minutes from us with a car, where you can buy ice cream and play in a fun outdoor thing for the children or just take a Sunday stroll along the water if you want. The sun was warming and the feelings were just so happy, I really needed that break between all seriously this weekend mostly spend with work related things.


  1. Did you see the windsurfer? That was my husband out on the water.

  2. Huge medical exam? For you dearest?
    Anyway this very nice place and the happiness of all is a pleasure to see. Stina even tired or full things on head, always stylish and so pretty.

  3. Handsome family. Nice place. And it's true, to a relative further comment, we have to much seen these torn jeans.
    Ps. I very often read your interesting blog, but first time I comment.

  4. Så fina pojkar ni har!