Thursday, April 30, 2015


Another Wednesday, another random list with question I've stolen from here and there.

How would you describe yourself with four words?
- Warm, easy, no patience, determent.

What's the best advice you have ever received?
- Everything you send out to the universe, you'll have ten times more off back. Good or bad.

What makes you happy?
- Read the same answer one year ago HERE, it haven't changed much.

Do you have any beauty secrets you'd like to share?
- Medical skin products is EVERYTHING and I swear by Restylane Vital, Botox and sleep (read about the products and treatments HERE). To do daily exercise for like 20 minutes is another miracle on my mind, body and soul. Less of that at the moment for me, but working on that balance.

What kills your soul and happiness?
- Head ache. When there's too much work and too little family time, when I have too little time to just be me, at home, doing small things in my own speed. When I feel used or taken advantage off, when M and me fight or the kids are in complicated phases and all I do is nag and parenting and when I end up in front of my computer or phone too much. The less modern technicalities, the better I feel actually.

Favourite items in your closet?
- At the time, everything that is gorgeous in itself so that I don't need to make such an effort with my own face/hair etc.

How do you balance your life?
- Sometimes I manage to do it really well, the last two weeks, not so much. I spend 1.5h in the morning with the kids, go to work at 8am and work really hard from 9am-3pm, come home around 4-4.30pm, throw myself into comfy black leggings and sit on the floor with the kids or play in the garden very present (and wildly loving and messy) until dinner at 6pm (for the kids sake, so that we eat with them) and then it's bath for both and then Leon is going to sleep at 7pm with me and after it's Alexis time cuddling with me in front of a film until 8pm when M's is putting him to bed if he is here, else me.
If I'm lucky, I will have some "me time" from 9.30-11pm but often I'm so tired that I end up doing nothing except important things that need to get done.
The weekends are therefor so important and even with two small children, we try to make the most of it family wise.
Balance is hard. My goal is to do more Pilates, power walks etc but when? When? Even with help at home there's no time or maybe it's just me who devotes myself too much to the children but they grow up so fast and I want to be there as much as possible. It feels so important, my life mission.

Who is your biggest role model?
I don't really have one whom I think have it all, but I do have women and men who really is amazing around me and I take pieces of them and just see it as opportunities for myself to do better and be inspired.
My mother taught me everything I believe in when it comes to how to be a good mother and wife, how to give a child that gift to love oneself and believe in who you are. My father taught me to be independent and a strong woman and never be afraid of anything. My man inspire me everyday, nothing is impossible in his mind and he literally moves mountains when he wants something achieved. My little sister inspires me to be honest and true to who we are, she inspire me to travel and explore. My best girlfriends all are beautiful women who all are different and I share my life intimate with them and we help each other with whatever problem we have, mostly through daily phone calls.

Parents who have loving, well behaved, happy, satisfied, ambitious and balanced children - couples who are still in love an respect one another - that, I see as life models which I always feel a huge dose of humbleness towards. I know how hard it is, how much effort it needs. People like that are my role models.

How would you describe the city you live in?
- Beautiful, cloned, lonely with a strive for perfection. It's more on the outside then on the inside. We want to have it and it might look like we do, but in the end the city is small and scared. Prestige is so important here, but honestly I don't see much real happiness. I think it's typical in modern European cites overall actually. Maybe we would be more easy going if it was more sun and warmer since Stockholm really blooms during spring and summer.

What restaurant would you recommend to a freind from out of town?
- I love a asian fusion but maybe Teatergrillen for a fun night and it's always somewhat crazy ambiance.

Where do you shop?
- As soon as I am abroad. Else, a lot in front of my computer. Since we have Mango in Täby Centrum (indoor very good mall, close to where I live), that brand and Warehouse is my favourite street brand with Zara of course. Else the best online stores filled with fashion is my favourite shopping place. But honestly I buy most things when I travel.

Have you started the Gluten free diet?
- Yes, I have! Two days ago. Went and bought pasta, bread, müsli, bran flakes, etc etc with quorn instead of gluten. In the evening I craved chocolate but was able to resist it!

What do you spend a lot of money on every month?
- Apart from the expensive cost to run a big house - food!

What's happening tomorrow?
- My man is finally coming back home from Switzerland and I'm having a sleep-over at a friends place, very cosy and relaxing indeed! The day after I will devote myself to him I've promised, he he ...

Coffe or Tea? - Coffe with lots of milk
Evening out or film at home? - Five years back? Evening out. Today - film at home!
Salt or sweet? - Salt liquorice is one of my addictions!

Have a great Thursday evening!


  1. I think that we probably live about the same kind of life...
    The only difference which is enormous.. Is that you are working in a place where you can do all what you desire about your beauty! In the place, and not for such high prices as it is in France! And right when you want, without waiting...
    Otherwise you have a fabulous family's life and in fact more stimulating to see your man every 1 or 2 week end. It preserves of the monotony of a normal
    way of life, if married like other couples, who see each other every day/night.... More desire each time like this....

    1. Hi dear Uta. '

      Yes, it's true that working in a medical aesthetic has it's benefits. we can't do things fro free but of course we get a little discount.

      When it comes to M and me often being away from each other I understand your point of view, but I prefer having him home more often, I think we are in a better balance when we spend more time together. Sometimes feel we want so much when we're finally together and it can be quite pressure when we're also tired etc.

      But yes, the passion is still very alive which is good of course!

      Big hug,

  2. I really like the answer about your city, I'd quite like to hear how others would describe their city and its traits.

    1. Yes, it's so interesting, I agree!

  3. Dear Stina, if the gluten free diet is not working for you, please try low carbs diet, not necessarily high fat. It made wonders for me.

    It's a shame that our lovely Stockholm has this cold social climate, i guess we all would benefit from a small change. //Katja

    1. Thank you for the suggestion!

      I already know I react very, very bad to suger so it makes sense.

      Yes, it's a shame with our city. It's because people are scared of being who they really are, everyone wants to be copies of someone else.

  4. Badinage. Begin first to describe your town... May we will follow...

  5. I think that this blog belongs to Stina and we dont mind about description of towns of other persons....

  6. Stina, you spend 1,5 hrs per morning with your kids, does that mean you have your alarm at 6:30 or to you go up earlier to get yourself in order - shower, clothes, make up etc? I find mornings a great struggle

    1. I don't need an alarm when I have my Alexis who normally wakes up at that time, 6.30.

      Remember I have a lady living at our place so she makes breakfast for the kids and dress Leon while I dress Alexis and they bath in then evenings. We take one each to brush teeth and after she brings them to preschool if M is not at home, other times he does it.

      I understand your struggle VERY much but this works pretty alright for us!

  7. And why not? I always wake up at 6 or 6.30 to go to work at 8 am. This is the life of many many persons.... Some of them wake up earlier.

  8. Reading your post Stina I was struck with how often we talk about the life balance....I suddenly thought that you do indeed already have it. You achieve everything that you need to and so much of what you want. Perhaps you could stand back and look at your life and realise that you have already done this thing. Perhaps a little more sleep...

    1. I know i have a lot and I'm VERY aware of it and grateful It didn't come fro free, it came out of determination, gols and working hard.

      The small time years with children are hard but amazing, the focus needs to be on them to get healthy and loved children.

  9. When I read your former questionnaire, the first one, there were many very pertinent comments of Marta.
    Where are you Marta, we miss your comments.