Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Luxury nr 2 - having the time

What a perfect day I've had. If I wouldn't have been so hungover from my longed for Canadian Tree Syrup (Sortilège liquor) which is my absolute favourite as an aperitif (or four). I just can't get enough of it (or my man who came back after a loooooong time in Canada and only stays two nights before he leaves again) so this morning would have been perfect if my body (head) wasn't poisoned by alcohol.
But around lunch I felt better and we had food at a small restaurant with some asian fusion and planned the upcoming project of our house and terrace in just such a peaceful, slow motion. I wore this new silk blouse from Greta with blue jeans, a combo which I love.

The rest of afternoon was spent in the garden with the kids, planting flowers, putting pots out and taking away weeds while from time to time making a snail nest, looking for the squirrel and stuff like that.

Suddenly my mood is better and I feel less heavy in my mind, it's all about listening to that small inner voice which is trying to guide you in what to do in life, what choices to take and how to priority the days we have here and now.


  1. Amen to that! :) Love this chic yet casual look, where did you get those beautiful wedges/shoes?

  2. How I can understand you!! I feel so down and with a simple pleasure with (your man)(with mine),
    All positive attitude comes back and Very quickly I find back myself, like you by the fact to be in the garden planting flowers and simply refind how to be good. The privileged moments are to be kept in memory for the ones we feel down.
    Yes, a blue jeans and a silk white shirt plus this beautiful shoes has my preference to be casual chic.
    Now, you wait his arrival in few days and happiness is back.
    Big hugs

  3. O ( I miss) Canada, Stina.

    (Even if they always seem to beat the Finnish Lions in Ice-Hockey, the loss after the game doesn't feel that bad anymore, because I sort of love that country too, especially Toronto:)

    What a Great way to kick of the morning by tuning into your blog, before starting work, and what do I see among the first 20+ words? :) words like "a perfect day", "Canadian tree liquour" and ... "time in Canada". Add a Cinnamon bun and a mocca with lots of ice-cream on a streetside café in the sunshine, and this Is my perfect day.

    Really funny coincidence. I always find something similar like this on your blog, just something I've been thinking about doing or wondering about myself.

    A few weeks ago I just booked flights to and accommodation in Toronto, it's been our Dream to spend our whole summer vacation there. After our whole year there, years ago, sadly, because our visas were expiring and normal, ordinary life awaited for us back in Europe, I and my husband had to leave Canada...

    Thank you Stina for bringing back some fond memories,

  4. What a lovely day and so wonderful to have it midweek instead of always on weekends. The blouse looks lovely and crisp. /Laila

  5. Happily you did not wear your holes'jeans which are out of fshion'. Too much seen.
    Here you are perfect.

  6. Du ser fantastisk ut Stina. Det verkar redan göra dig gott att dra ner på arbetstiden. Och så förstås, det faktum att mannen är hemma förstås, inte minst.:) Njut av din nyvunna lediga tid! /kram, Helén S

  7. Hej! Blir lite ledsen för din skull när jag ser att du pimpat brösten. Jag tycker att du såg absolutely stunning ut innan. Du var dig själv och det finns en enorm sensualitet hos en kvinna som kan bära sin kropp som den är... och det var du. Den var så unik, den var dig. Men jag vet att vissa kvinnor går runt och mår sådär över vissa kroppsförändringar och får självklart bestämma själva vad de vill göra. Men samtidigt är det så tråkigt att se alla re-touchade bröst på yogan... alla ser precis likadana ut fast i varierande storlekar? Så ospännande. Du gör ju dina egna val men vad jag vill säga är att för en utomstående så var du typ en av de sista som hade behövt genomgå något sånt. du var så kvinnlig och sensuell, helt utan en läkares hjälp. Jag lovar dig det. inte för att jag har sett dina bröst, utan för att man ser att du bär din kropp med stolthet om man kikar på bilder innan... och då spelar det ingen roll alls hur de såg ut eller vad andra tyckte/jämförde med :)

  8. Hi , i have many times noticed that lovely poster behind ( lady with white helmet) do you remember where you have bought it ? I would love to have it too . Its very powerful & mysterious ;)