Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Dear readers, 

Hit me with some questions for tomorrows upcoming Wednesday List
Rude or too personal questions will obviously not be published.

Looking forward to some original and fun ones!

See you then!


  1. Jag är så pass mörk och "ihålig" under ögonen att jag funderar att fylla med eget fett. Vad tycker du om den sortens behandling?

  2. Dear Stina, I love your blog since I discovered it four years ago. I followed your live ever since. I truly admire your mind and the effort you put in the words you are sending to your readers. true, warm, honest, positiv! you became a virtual friend and somethimes I just needed to comment- like a few years back when you have been living in Zürich, lonely and a little hopeless. This post showed me how alike people are, despite nationality, gender or age. I am turning 30 in one month and really looking forward to it! I would love to know, dear Stina, what's your advise for young women and the new exiting chapter opening up in their lives? What would today's Stina tell her 30 years old self after all the experiences she made throug the years? Love from Berlin, K.

  3. Hey Stina! Everybody is looking forward to their summer holidays. Will you be able to take a long enough break from work to go to the south of France? And another question from me: what language do Alexis and Leon speak between themselves? Wishing you a sunny mood, Diana

  4. Vilka skor har gått varmast senaste veckan?

  5. Vad äter du till frukost?
    Hur trivs du i Sverige?

  6. Hur tänker du kring pensionsparande?

    Hur sparar eller finansierar du ditt intresse till mode?

    Vad har du för drömresemål just nu?

    Vilket är det bästa resemål du har gjort?


    1. Dear Stina,

      I have following questions I would be happy to hear your anwer on:

      1. What do you wish you knew when you were 20, looking back at that age with the e perform e you have with you now. What advice would you give a 20 years old Stina?

      2. If you'd be given a power to make any change in the world, what would that be and why?

      3. Would you mind sharing your spiritual values (or is it too personal)? I mean, do you believe in the hereafter, rebirth or something else? What do you see as the meaning of our time on earth?

      Thank you!

    2. Oops, I mean ''What do you wish you knew when you were 20, looking back at that age with the experience you have with you now.''//Katja

  7. What were you like as a teenager?

    Best, k

  8. Hi Stina, what advantages brings familiy life with kids etc. for you?

  9. Välj ett roligt barndomsminne och vilken är den bästa dagen i veckan och varför.

  10. Favorite color, favorite animal, favorite book, favorite film? Coffee or tea? Salt or sugar? Black or white? Mountains or sea?

  11. Är du hel svensk?

  12. What do you like and can't stand in people around you? //Katja

  13. Hey Stina! started folowing your blog just recently, and i must say you always look so fresh and healthy on the pictures. Care to share your favourite make up products and other daily cosmetics you use to stay bautiful through out the long and busy day?

  14. Do you have already made plans for yours and Ms wedding? I hope it's not a too personal one. xx Carina

  15. Hello Stina,
    What do you think about Spanish fashion ( Zara, Massimo Dutti, Uterque, Bimba y Lola, Mango)
    Best Regards

  16. Stina,
    How do you deal with the messiness that motherhood brings, as opposed to the perfect lifestyle that we women tend to be looking for?

  17. What do you think about Carrie Bradshaw's style? Too extravagant...?

  18. HELLO STINA! Thanks for this opportunity.all right: since I do have some french blood, I would have a question about your wedding.If it is too personal, well, I will "punish" my French curiosity!If not, I and I am sure, many of us here would like to know:do you guys,plan to celebrate your wedding in southern France some summer??? It would be lovely. Can you pciture, the sunlight, the golden sky, all the mediterranean smells of eucalyptus, gardenias, and so on , and so on.... trying to tease your senses. And last, but not least, perhaps it would give us the possibility to meet for a Champagne toast ! anway, keep up the classy work of your blog.Thanks. Cath

  19. I love how your style, creativity, intelligence and love of family life shine through on your blog! I would love to see a monthly 1. Book 2. Film 3. Quote 4. Travel destination, with your views on why you recommend these. Or just answer this one time, since you asked : )))

  20. Hi best Stina, do you have any mantra?

  21. Hej! Jag undrar hur ni tänker om din mans jobb, om
    han inte får ett jobb han vill ha i Sverige, är ni inställd på att fortsätta med hans pendling? Eller flytta? Lite av dina tankar kring det. Undrar även om du aldrig går i träningsskor? :) Beundrar er som kan gå i klackskor så ofta! Kör du bil till jobbet mest? Vill ni ha ett tredje barn? Och ditt bästa köp i vår? Kommer du kunna ta en lång semester i sommar? Planer? Läser din blogg i stort sett varje dag och älskar den ffde! :) Kram och tack för ALLT du ger oss.

  22. Hej Stina! Tack för att du delar med dig delar av ditt liv, tankar, kärlek och fina bilder. Du är en stor inspirationskälla och vacker som få :)! Jag undrar om behandlingen skinbooster ger ansiktet synlig volym eller om det mest ger huden en fin och jämn lyster? Har förstått det som att du gjort en skinbooster för att ge ansiktet mer volym, men när jag pratade med min sköterska sa hon att det inte ger volym. Kan du tänka dig att visa din väsksamling? Önskar dig en fin dag!

  23. Nk from FinlandMay 6, 2015 at 9:10 AM

    Hi Stina, great way to start a day by having a look at your blog. Always new ideas for clothes, color and life in general:)

    1. If you happen to have some alone time at home, just by yourself, (kids at sleep, husband maybe out with friends), what's the first thing you'll do?

    Talking about simple things..

    2. How would you dress up a simple white business shirt?

    I think all of us are already expecting our summer vacation.

    3. What is your number one drink by the pool and a treat you think you really shouldn't have so often,
    but it tastes so good? ;)

    Cheers to having a fabulous week,

  24. Hi Stina! I will give birth to my first child in september, so I´m curious if you have any advice regarding labour that you would like to share? Anything you recommend in particular to bring to the hospital/buy for myself or the baby to be better prepared for the challenge...? Have a nice evening! <3

  25. 1. Where would u like to live? Any city any where?
    2. How to you manage long distance love?
    3. Are you married? If not tell us about your dream wedding?
    4. And which designer would do your dress?
    5. Are you religious? How do you raise your kids with regard to faith?
    6. Favourite color?drink?perfume?
    7. If you had another career...what would you be?

    Thanks for a great blog. Been reading it for years

  26. Dear Stina,

    It's not really a Wednesday list question but the opportunity arose to ask a question so here it is! I would love to know what skincare products you used while you were pregnant with your gorgeous boys. I am 20 weeks pregnant now and find my skin extremely dry and looking rather dull after a long northern european winter. I want to make sure I am using products that are kind for the baby but also would work well for me.

    Like a number of others have said, I just wanted to echo how much I enjoy your blog and how it has also been of great support and comfort to me over the last few years. Like you, I have a husband from another country who I met in a third country, and from that moment my life turned upside down. We have now just bought a home in another country for our family while he will continue to work/live during the week in London. I completely understand so many of your feelings of being lost when you were in Zurich and the challenges of going back home when you have changed so much. I am not able to go back to my home country as it's a 22 hour flight away (plus I enjoy the conveniences of european travel far too much), but I now live in my husband's home country and are learning to speak a new language and find my way in a new culture while preparing to be a mother. Some days it all just feels far too much!!!! Having your blog to read makes me feel that I am not alone with these life challenges and reminds me of the wonderful things this crazy life has brought me. Thank you again and I hope you continue writing your blog for a number of years to come! Lauren xx

  27. How do you save money to your children? What is your best advice in this topic?

    Which item that you bought is the most valuble abd your best investment?

    What advixce would you give to young women when it comes to choosing men?

  28. Do you consider to move to another country in the future? Where would you like to move?

    When will the wedding be hold? Where?

    Best financial advice?

  29. Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. My question is: What are your short term and long term goals, professionally and personally?

    I sense that you love your work and profession, and being very talented, I wondered if you think about starting and growing your own business? I am impressed with your skin care products and techniques. They are very effective. Does this business have international possibilities?

  30. Dear Stina, I got another question. Do you have many women around you who are envy? How do you handle these women? E.g. I experienced this at work. Unfortunately.