Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Another cold cloud has decided to destroy all sunlight and warmth here up north and it was with mixed feelings I had to wear a cashmere sweater again under this gorgeous morning robe(ish) coat from Rodebjer (to be found here) in the humidity to go out and buy medicament to my youngest and me who both seems to have been giving each other too many french kisses in the end and caught the same mild cold.

Can you tell that I flipped the coat this time and for the occasion wore it with the white side out?


  1. Hi Stina. I love reading your blog and your English is very good but I think you might want to check the meaning of "French Kiss" in English because I am quite sure you have NOT been doing this with your little boy. Please forgive me if you think I am being rude, but I just want to save you from any future embarassment. I hope you have a lovely day and that the sun comes out for you soon.

    1. Dear Sherrie and Uta,

      When I write French kiss, that's exactly what I mean. Leon has been kissing (read licking my face) and kissing me in a very wet way - and that's why I caught his infection. ha ha ha I guess you understand why I call it like that now!


  2. Yes Sherrie, I am French.... So french kiss is not what Stina meant!!!

  3. Looks great even outdoors, when I first saw the pics I thought it was a long carding, looks stunning!

  4. Hi Stina,

    Where are your espadrilles from?