Sunday, June 14, 2015

Coral blue

Wearing something old, something new in this poppy coral blue shade.
Enjoying a bit of refreshment before leaving for a small, private airplane and vintage car show with friends and kids yesterday.


  1. I dont understand why I did not find very nice espadrilles!!! Nothing was so nice than yours! Zara had not anymore my size, Chanel were unconfortable and so expensive for this kind of shoes...
    And in Spain they were very spanish with colours... And know I am already fed up of these shoes....
    Your new blouse (dress, little coat???) is very pretty, this blue is stunning on you.

    1. I know, I am quite tired of the espadrilles also but for my life as a mother, they are perfect. These Chanel blue ones is form the summer collection and I got another pair as well. My Chanel ballets are so destroyed when I'm in our summer house, playing park, walking on streets with grawels so the Espadrilles are just perfect. But they last 1-2 seasons, maximum then they brake in the sole or some where else.


  2. The blue Chanel's espadrilles are gooooorgeous Stina. I did find them here! I have noticed that they wete Chanel.
    Always so well dressed, it's a real pleasure.